Thursday, April 7, 2011


Long day here. Just got home after participating in a focus group (under the veil of secrecy, of course). While I can't tell you who or what I was focused on, I can say that it's amazing how the marketing savvy of entire corporations can be fit on the head of a pin. I did get paid a hundred bucks though.

Rather phenomenally (but unsurprisingly) I managed to spend it all before I actually arrived at the venue - like in the 20 minutes preceding it.

For starters, I surfed Gap Canada Online and got 3 pairs of pants for M. When you spend $50.00 you get shipping for free. Um, that's child's play! I spent $52.00 before tax - talk about maximizing value! - which means each pair of pants cost an average of $17.00. They were originally $39.00 each. And, mega bonus, I didn't have to shop with the whiny adolescent who preferably wears pants requiring the assistance of a coat hanger to pull on - even given the modern powers of Lycra.

I did check for a promo code (to make my crazy savings utterly absurd), but there were none to be found in 3 minutes or less. Still, by Canadian standards, this is an online steal. (Even in the shops my final bill would be amazing.)

I also bought, finally, Built by Wendy Coats & Jackets:

A Dress A Day has written an interesting post on it...

I purchased in store so I paid more - but I did convince the SA to honour my about-to-expire online coupon (which I'd forgotten to use the last time I ordered online) because said online ordered book has been online back-ordered for 5 weeks. Intriguingly, that's a book about draping and I can't wait to start learning that skill.

I recently ordered bolduc tape (French twill in black that you frequently see pinned onto dress forms being used for draping purposes - to show the pivot zones, I presume) in anticipation of this new pursuit. Of course, I know NOTHING about draping so I might be completely making that up. I know nothing about it except that it's an amazing art which, I bet, will initially frustrate the crap out of me and eventually convert me with its seductive charms.

On the topic of seduction, and expenditure, yesterday my husband (who was working from home) observed 3 courier trucks stop one after the other in front of our house to deliver parcels all for me. There were British junk foods galore, sewing notions and bras. It appears that I am having an online moment.

Is it a bad sign when you've memorized your Visa details?

In truth, parenting has been a challenge over the past couple of weeks so I might be mood altering with treats.

I wish I had any energy to sew. Alas, I'll read my new book, pin my mannequin and get ready for the MPB Jeans Sew Along. There's no way I'm going into that burned out. And besides, it's not a race to see who can make the most garments in the shortest amount of time.



  1. I'm interested to hear what you think about the book. I get visual inspiration from pattern books, but never feel the urge to make anything from them.

  2. Ooh! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on draping and see some of your creations. I'd love to try it, but figure I need to get to the point where I can consistently make something decent with a pattern first....since I seem to be unhappy with the results of far too many things I have put my time and effort into. Except my new jeans...I've pretty much lived in those the past couple of weeks or so.

  3. I'm excited to see what you do with the book---I'm having so much fun with the pattern blocks but still haven't much inclination to do any of the actual projects. Have to get the raglan sleeve pattern traced off soon...

    Draping sounds fun but I think I'm too fabric-stingy to really give it a go... I'd love to hear more about it, though!

    As to parenting the millenium babies... Well, I hear ya!

  4. Draping sounds fascinating!

    That link to bridal couture made me start fantasizing about making a wedding dress.

    The red coat pictured on the cover of your new book is beautiful.

    My babies are 32 and 25.5 so I'm in the empty nest zone. It's a nice zone, especially since they both live near me.

  5. Oh, I had a card number memorized. But then I cut the card up . . . (though my memory still works ;-) )The jacket on the book cover is very smart!!

  6. Sewn: In truth, I agree with you. I have made 2 dresses (one from the dress book that I modified from the sloper) and the one from her Sew U stretch book. The one from the stretch book fit fantastically, I have to say. But, while I love the books, they don't gear me up. Maybe it's because I see them more as books than patterns.

    CGC: I think her "simple pattern drafting" idea is sound - and I think it works well with the young uns who are fearless about "just making stuff". The young uns often don't have "mature body" challenges though (that benefit from real fit skills and complex pattern adjustments, as required). I don't think her book is for the novice sewist with a body needing lots of adjustment for well-fitting results. But I like how care-free she makes it seem.

    Taran: I'm intrigued by the draping. I haven't even considered how much fabric I"m inclined to waste. Hmmm. There must be some way around that.

    Susan: Vogue Patterns has a whole section on wedding dresses this month! Enjoy your status as mother of grown, happy, well-adjusted children :-)

    Miss C: I get shivers just thinking about that :-)