Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lessons Learned

Time and again, experience has taught me that the best way to avoid shopping (buying) is to avoid shopping (looking). I'm so good at it much of the time - and then I get this little itch to look - often it's based on a totally legit need to purchase i.e. "denim for jeans sew along" or "shoes for kid"...

Next thing you know I've bought 5 patterns on BMV (link) and 5 yards of fabric like a crazy woman.

Recall the fabric cupboard:

Recall the words of wisdom about not over populating it.

If only I were as constant as the blog version of me.

So here are the new patterns, plus views of technical drawings - all recommended by fab sewing bloggers who should be blamed for their role in this relapse. (You know who you are.)





Note: This all happened as a result of my simply viewing the patterns online, in patient anticipation of the next $3.99 sale. And wouldn't you know the freakin' $3.99 sale had JUST begun. In fact, the Butterick was $1.99. I didn't even make it to the $25.00 pre tax spend which buys you free shipping to Canada. Even with tax and shipping I didn't spend 30 bucks. Y'all know some of these patterns run 30 bucks, regular price. Totally falls within my Spend to Save ideology.

Other Note: I feel compelled to convince you that these are fab basics (well, except for the ruffle shirt - arguably). And basics are where I'm at right now. May I also advise that I have practically worn out my other handmade DKNY jersey dress from wear last summer (and it cost me 15 bucks to make with fabric on sale). So I feel this is a pretty justifiable cache. Not that I need to justify myself. (Lord, this schizo routine is tough going.)

So, what can I say about the fabric? Hmmm...

I didn't buy to accommodate the new patterns. Oh no. I bought to ensure a "backup" option for the jeans sew along - different colour, different weight, different drape. Truth is, I may choose to use the new denim - it's dressier. And I've never failed to use any of the numerous yards of denim I've bought so far. Best part - I bought it at FabricLand's denim ends sale. So I got all 3 yards for $13.00. And it appears to be 60" width!

I can hear you mentally calculating how 3 yards of denim adds up to 5 yards of new fabric. Well, I also bought 2 yards of fabric for T shirts. What? I've run out! If I want to perfect my craft, I'm going to need to keep on. I mean, just yesterday I made 5 significant adjustments to the sloper. I purchased navy rayon jersey (beautiful drape) and deep black rib knit (rich looking T material). Does anyone else think it's weird that ribbing comes in a continuous loop i.e. no selvedge aka one circular piece? In some strange way that makes me nervous.

Not the most exciting colours, but basics are basics, baby.

Alas, even at 40% off they came to 14 bucks a yard. Not the cheapest practice garments. Now, if they happen to work out perfectly, they'll be cheap at the price. I'm such a risk-taker.


  1. You got some great patterns and I can tell you the V1250 pattern will sew up quick and easy!

  2. You don't need to justify to me... I yearn for a gigantic stash. Not terribly responsible, I know.

    I love circular-knit fabric. You put the bodice front one one side fold, the bodice back on the other, and if you're lucky you can squish the sleeves in between and get even a long-sleeved shirt out of less than 1m of fabric. :D

  3. I was also drawn by the anniversary sale at Fabricland. I went in for a twin needle on my lunch hour and walked out with $61 of zippers, fabric and thread. The zippers I don't have a qualm about, 50% off for invisible zippers is the time to stock up. I'm not sure I should have even walked through the fashion fabrics given my overflowing stash, but rayon will be so nice in the summer.

    Lovely patterns. I'm not so keen on 5464, but the rest are fantastic basics.

  4. Me again. I was thinking that V8390 looked familiar, and I just realized where. Myrna ( was just posting about the same pattern. Such a cute top.

  5. LOL - great choices. You'll love the wrap t-shirt.

  6. I agree with Carolyn...Vogue 1250 was easy to sew and a great basic dress that is fabulous. Lots of bang for the buck with that one. And Vogue 8379 is a classic!

  7. B5464 doesn't appeal to me but I'm sure it will look fantastic on you. The other patterns do appeal to me.

    Your note "ribbing comes in a continuous loop" sounds interesting. It's hard to picture what you mean but I'll be on the lookout for this anomaly.

    I really, really like V1250.

  8. LOVE the wrap dress. I have one from Boden in wrinkly linen that looks just like it. Do let me know how it goes; may have to fire up my Husquavarna! (And I probably didn't spell that correctly.)

  9. Well, you are really great at shopping.... We really must not do it next time I'm in TO since I'm on GAAD and you are too excellent at it.

  10. What is the name of the online shop where you're finding these fab deals on Vogue patterns? Please share!

  11. Carolyn: It looks so easy - but elegant.

    T: You'd be scary with more fabric :-)
    And I did get a 3/4 sleeve T out of 1 yard. Don't you have the bits you can't use that are still to big to feel ok about throwing out??

    Chutchings: Yes - Myrna's one of the one's remaining nameless :-) And I can't resist the FL sales. Do you have the discount card?

    Myrna: I can't wait to make it.

    Kim: Well, it looks terrific on you and so many others!

    Susan: You should totally get 1250 and make it up in rayon jersey. It's universally flattering and will be very forgiving with a proportionately "wide back". And apparently it's super easy. Our sergers will make it look all the more pretty on the inside.

    Miss C: Who can spell that brand's name?? But scarily, I think you did. And you should pull it out. I know you have more than enough skill to make it.

    R: It's a gift. It's a curse. :-) We can just have lunch and enjoy.

    Sam: I just go to the website. They have semi regular sales and you can even sign up for the emails that tell you when they're on...