Friday, April 15, 2011

Lock and Key

I really enjoyed this tutorial on faux cover stitching - that is, using a regular machine to simulate a "professional" cover stitched knit hem (like the double row ones you find on RTW T shirts):

The instructor is a textile designer and sewist I'd never heard of before - Patty Young - who also happens to be an excellent technical instructor. I just found her blog, which (I can assure you) I will be reviewing carefully over the next few days.

My research is a propos of my weekend adventure - T shirt construction. I actually discovered her by Googling the search term "cover stitch" - my latest sewing obsession. Ms. Young has another delightful tutorial on constructing the same type of hem with the machine actually designed to undertake the task as the professionals do. I think the one she uses is a Baby Lock - my (and everybody else's) brand of choice.

Peeps, what is it about me? Why do I seem to hanker after a new fancy sewing appliance every few months? How many more are there to purchase? Y'all know the Baby Lock cover stitch - a machine that performs precisely 2 stitches - is going to set me back some serious green.

Note: I'm not buying till I can find one at a very good price. In fact, I've just decided to approach my serger vendor with a request that he hold the next discounted) floor model for me (he changes these up every 2 months so as not to wear out any one machine). I think I'm going to set a price - a very affordable one - and see if he's willing to match it. After all, it's not like I'm not ready to wait a while.


  1. I hope you are able to work out a deal with your vendor because each sewing tool/machine etc helps take your sewing to the next level! Good rationalization right! :)

  2. Ooooh, interesting! This will be great for shortening the sleeves on long sleeved t-shirts that are ALWAYS too long for me. Thanks!

  3. You want a new fancy sewing tool because you NEED it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. After doing research on coverstitich machines, I decided on the Brother 2340CV. I would have ordered the machine this month but my 12 year old car needed some work. I WILL be buying the machine soon. I'll send good vibes your way in hopes that the dealer gives your a wonderful deal :)

  4. Carolyn: The cheapest I've been able to find it - and not at my regular guy (at his competition - also well regarded) is $1400.00 CDN (before tax). The list price here is $1900 so it's a good discount, but it's still just too expensive. Until I can't bear it any longer :-)

    Couture: I know!!

    Carla: You are a bad influence :-) I can't wait to hear about your cover stitch machine, when you get it. And, btw, try the twin needle thing. It works quite adequately in the meantime.