Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Appalling Apparel

Y'all know my ambivalence about American Apparel. I'm not into most of the clothing - I sure as hell loathe the exploitative advertising (is there anyone who doesn't??) - but I'm die hard on a few of the basics that this brand produces without flaw.

For this reason, I'm vaguely concerned about its impending bankruptcy. Though all are (technically) innocent until proven guilty, by all media accounts Dov Charney is a horror-show. Would that this company might continue without the stain of his reputation.

But this is not about that.

Today, afeared of the end, I went to stock up on some of my prized hosiery staples:

AA Opaque RSAPH Pantyhose in Poppy

AA Opaque RSAPH Pantyhose in Mustard

I really love these easy-to-wear pieces. And they're affordable.

What's your take on the situation? Do you love AA hosiery? Do you love any of its other products? Are you concerned about its going into receivership?


  1. I used to wear their t-shirts, but started to get annoyed by the quality.

  2. I got tired of them looking at me like I just pooped on the rug whenever I went in the store (I'm a size 16ish - apparently that's some sort of moral failure on my part).

  3. Ooh. I must get those poppy tights!

  4. There was a documentary I saw on hulu.com about AA and I was REALLY grossed out by Dov. Ever since then I can't stand to see anything related to AA, let alone give them a dime. The girls that work there are pressured into doing those advertisements and pressured into having sex with him. He's beyond repulsive!! I hope AA either has an ownership change (along with an advertisement change) or they go out of business. Dov is just nasty!

  5. I like that I can buy t-shirts for my kid that are not made in sweatshops, but I agree their sizes run wee and their ad campaign is appalling.

  6. Wendy: You'll have to start buying mine :-)

    Bird: No - at AA it's a moral failure to be anything over a size 6, I'm pretty sure.

    Susan: Sorry the tights didn't work out. But they may be back.

    Thanks Seeker!

    Anon: I think I might have seen that too. I hope they find someway to realign the organization so that he's not involved. And so that the advertising isn't as exploitative as its US manufacturing practice aims to be fair.

    Jolie - It's rough. I don't know how to reconcile all of these things.

  7. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I've only ever entered that store once. I guess if you have an item that you know you like, why not stock up, right?

  8. S: I'm much more embarrassed to have gone in there more than once :-)