Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Way I See It

Remember that thing I said yesterday about looking leading to spending? Well how much more meta can you get than looking for glasses. I mean, Jesus, you can't even see what you're trying on!

But don't fear, it didn't stop me from finding my next pair:

You've got to appreciate glasses called Hellcat!

They're titanium and made in Japan but designed by a Danish company, Orgreen. The brand doesn't show a high-res photo on the website (from what I can tell). This pic isn't really the best...

How did it happen? Well, I took the day off and had lunch at food empire, Terroni. BTW, if you live in TO, the magazine they recently started publishing is irritatingly delicious and available to read online. Totally Queen Street. (Seriously, what self-respecting restaurant gets into publishing??)

At any rate, I've had the same glasses for 3 years and 2 months (I checked) and, though I've never loved a pair more - they're PINK people, I have to shake it up. I can't be that girl in pink glasses for the next 10 years.

Down the block from the restaurant is Spectacle, my go-to eyewear boutique. It is a delightful place with excellent client service, but man, that bill really hits you in the ass. Let's just say I probably shouldn't have spent quite so much money on lunch. (In full disclosure: My husband bought lunch.)

Totally off topic - my drink of the week is one the name of which I can't remember, sadly, but it's a composite of prosecco, gin and Campari (finished with a wedge of orange).

But how off topic is it, really? I mean the eyewear is orange, the drink is orange. Orange seems to be the name of the game today. You know I have no issues with the colour - see my handmade body of evidence. I wear orange tights, scarves. I even used to wear a bright orange plaid coat. (I loved that coat.) And, I'm kind of in a go loud or go home phase right now.

These look rather different than the current pair. They're not plastic. They're not pink. The shape is more rectangular than cat's eye (though not excessively so). They're vaguely more architectural (but not in that way one euphemistically refers to wacky, preciously-angular, embellished glasses). They're even a bit intellectual. Having said all this. I do not look like a librarian (sexy or otherwise). I polled everyone in the freakin' store to confirm this.


  1. I'm so glad to hear you don't look like a librarian.

    We've got a couple of hell cats here and they both feel your new spectacles are tres chic. Meow!

    I wear contacts now when I "dress up" to go out and I'm thinking of getting some glasses with plain glass to wear over them just for the style statement.

  2. I need some reading glasses but I'm not very excited to start shopping for them :-(

  3. Susan: That's nutty! Why not just get real glasses to enjoy when you don't want to worry about contacts. Then you've got the best of both worlds. I wish I could wear contacts. My eyes are too dry...

    Wendy: PLS! You are gorgeous. These glasses will only make you more mysterious and (maybe) obfuscate the glamour one tiny notch. People will take you more seriously :-)

  4. Those are STELLAR. Hoping for photos soon ...

  5. I want a pair of glasses called "Sexy Bitch" xx

  6. Ha! I can't do that because my prescription thickness for any decent sized lens (large enough to be fashionable) is to big -- magnifies my eyeball. I call it the Marty Feldman effect.

  7. Post pics when you get these! I've had my daily glasses for 5 years, and I'm desperate for a new pair. I tried on a few through Warby Parker's try-at-home service, but they have so many great pair I'd like to try that I may visit the store in NYC in the next few months to try all of them on. Only $99, rx lenses included!

  8. Sal: Will be ready for pick up next week...

    Lisa: OMG - I would buy those just on princple. Colour be damned.

    Susan: Oh, I get it. Then good thing you can wear contacts!

    Sewn: I will. I can't believe you can get glasses for that price. I so wish we could here. Its'amazing. Let's just say these cost, um, 8 times that amount. Egad.

  9. Hi K -- the drink is the Terroni Spritz: prosecco, gin and Aperol (the Aperol is the bitter that makes it that beautiful orange colour). Yum!

  10. Oooh! I can't wait to see you rockin' the new glasses! I bought my current pair about 14 months ago, so I need to go another year or so before I indulge my desire for new frames.

  11. Nic: Yes - I think that's what it was.

    R: I think 2 years is good. Gives you aa chance to adapt to the look. But more than 3 and they start to get tired...