Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tired With A Capital T

Oh, it's been an exciting weekend of sewing.

I started with nothing and have finished with 5 T shirts (1 for M, 2 for the lawn surfers and 2 keepers). The wearable ones (photos below) are in a super stretchy patterned rayon jersey (scored it for a song cuz it's, um, loud). The second wearable is actually made of a cotton blend (I suspect). It's the delicious fabric S & N brought back for me from Italy. I only wish I'd done it justice. I fear my version is too big and the neck facing is wonky. Mind you, on me it's so low cut no one's going to be looking at the seam binding.

In addition to these finished items (and all of the fab learning that was accomplished in making them), I now have at my access a completed crew neck sloper. From that:
  • I somewhat successfully modified the side curves and waist length. I know I could do more. I like a really fitted T shirt.
  • I created a V neck version and a U neck version (albeit the U neck needs some tweaking). Frankly, it's slightly too low, which would be ok if it were tighter, strangely. Given that the shirt isn't super fitted anywhere, the chest is a bit too "open".
  • From the sloper sleeve, I devised 3 others - a cap sleeve, a "midway sleeve" (short but not as short as the cap) and a 3/4 sleeve. I fooled around with the 3/4 for reasons of fabric shortage, which is why the patterned T has an odd-length, but flattering, sleeve.
  • I developed a couple of binding options I can use on the necklines too.
Let me preface this by saying that my dress form has a linebacker quality when I insert the arms. Alas, when I don't insert them, the sleeves hang like rags. So I'm going with the lesser of 2 evils...

I couldn't get a good shot of the Italian fabric one (below) to save my life. The left-side wonk of the binding is much more notable here than in real life - I swear! I also must have cut an additional 2 inches off the side seams but this fabric doesn't have a lot of snap.

Here's a close up of the lovely fabric - and the faux cover stitching I did:

You should know that it looks a little tunnel-y here but, again, it's the photo. I don't know why this top defied modern photography.

Please say something nice. I worked really hard.


  1. They both look fabulous. I love the loud print. Great job! :)

  2. Well Done!! You will get a ton of wear out of both of these, and many future Ts from your pattern which will bring down the effort factor per T to a more bearable level. Think of your labours today as an investment in your future. Feel any better?

  3. I know this feeling! It took me at least five attempts to get my knit pattern tweaked to fit, and it's still easily hijacked by wonky fabric. And the neckline went up, then down, then up again to find the happy medium (by which time I was thoroughly tired of scoop necks.)

    Seriously, they look great (and must look even better on)!

    I sometimes find with twin-needle stitching that even if it isn't tunnelly to start with it may become so with stretching. I know, not really comforting. :(

    Great job!

  4. Your t-shirts look great! I think knits are a little tricky to work with too. great job.

  5. Andrea: Thanks!

    Kay: I'm hoping I can swing it the next time - I have to recut the scoop a little higher - and get a fabric with lots of cling (like rayon).

    Taran: I guess it's like coming up with a pants sloper. It's a pain in the ass but the gains are limitless.

    a little sewing: I'm going to improve - and in the meanwhile, I'll enjoy wearing them as is. :-)

  6. Hooray! They turned out awesome! :-)

    What exactly is a lawn surfer???

  7. You are a one-woman manufacturing knit house! Incredible. I'm bowing to you... you can't see it, but I am! Good job. xoxo

  8. Looks great - I like my t's super fitted as well - your back looks awesome, it's easy to get wrinkles in the small of the back. I have to admit to solving problems with knits by just making it smaller. Negative ease is a marvelous fitting tool!

  9. I think they are fabulous. I think the loud print is great. It's probably something I would have passed by in the store as those aren't colours I'm drawn to, but I bet I would have worn the finished item a lot.

  10. I think you've done a great job! I still need to get a TNT knit top pattern down - I'm so sick of RTW t-shirts that fit badly.

  11. You did a fabulous job! I am assuming those are both U neck Ts. I am wondering if a jewel neck is a cross between crew and U? I link I like U best, but not quite that low.

    The faux cover stitch looks perfect to me.

    I hope you enjoy wearing these tops as they are both beautiful.


  12. The T's look great. It does take a few tries to get a scoop neck at just the right comfort level. Or at least it did me!

    I like the loud print. While I normally tend towards more solid (read dull) knits I've been trying to rev them up a bit.

  13. Yeah! I wish I had the patience to perfect a pattern. I'm too flighty for it. I love both of these.

  14. Sorry that last comment was me...DH was signed in and I didn't know it ;-)

  15. You done a fantastic job! It can be disheartening when you fiddle around with the same pattern 4 or 5 times but you'll have something just right now. Love the first one, the print is fierce.

  16. Faye: Thanks!

    CGC: People who pick up things you leave out on the lawn. It's very popular in downtown TO. We get rid of everything that way. Often, in 10 minutes, my clothes will be gone.

    Stacy: I'm a mere amateur by your standard! You sewed an entire line!! Of gorgeously complex garments. But I have to remember you are a professional (or I'd feel so much more amateur) :-)

    Patty: But it's amazing to consider how the "average tight T" can be refined so many times.

    Chutchings: I think I got that rayon jersey (usually upwards of 25 bucks a yard) for 3.99. I just don't think anyone was willing to take a chance on it.

    birdmommy: It's surprisingly untraumatizing. More like a puzzle than a misery.

    Susan: Thank you! Refinement continues apace. And I don't know what a jewel neck is exactly - I have to look that up.

    Debbie: It's pretty easy to adjust to crazy patterns - just buy and cut :-) (And don't think about how loud they are.) The scoop neck is def a work in progress. Wish me luck on my next try.

    Kim: One day I will start that pattern from scratch!

    Suzy: Thank you! I'm just keeping my eye on the terrific sloper end product. After all, I have enough RTW versions to keep me clothed till I get there on my own.

  17. Tee's looks so fab...And you create the good look of cover stitching...You have a good creative mind & make gorgeous creation.