Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stripper Zipper

Yesterday I made my pants sloper (V1166) with some great textured black denim and I have to say I love them:

Ooooh, pretty twin stitching!

Nice leg width, huh?

They are without a doubt, the best constructed pants I've made so far. I actually serged all the seams except the inner leg seams (that means the crotch seam is serged in addition to those of the outer leg). As a result, they are very clean on the inside. I also worked really hard on the waistband - which I slip stitched. Here's hoping it lasts. I have this hatred of zippers that don't go up to the top edge of the waistband. I don't like hooks and eyes. Extra fluff, IMO. Fitting zippers perfectly, of course, is practically a pipe dream. So I'm always on the fence.

Note that the waistband, where it abuts the top of the zipper, is not perfect - but it's better than I've managed so far. I am improving.

I used a cool pewter zip which I wanted to show off. I made sure that the fabric didn't overlap it. I wanted to see the teeth. It went in like a dream - one try. In truth, the fabric is uber-forgiving. And I just decided to do it - no over-thinking, no endless reading and prepping and psyching out.

All was well until I tried on the pants and observed that the zipper (apparently too long) looks like it's bifurcating my ass:


Oh well - you live, you learn.

(Note to reader: I still intend to wear them.)


  1. These are great. I love how clean and streamlined they look. And who knows, you may have just unwittingly started a new trend: The Butt Zipper. lol Fabulous job. :)

  2. Oh, yes!! That zipper incident happened oto me on my last pair (darn it!). . . I love the pants and I don't think the bifurcation issue is very visible once paired with a top!

  3. Fastastic!

    I know what you mean though, about realizing, too late, that a certain detail like the zipper length isn't quite right.

    But you will rock in these jeans!

  4. I love the color - I've had two zipper not-so-greats lately - one, the SUPER SHINY BRASS ZIPPER that was on my kid outfit shorts and the other was the zipper on a little black skirt I just made - the fabric is a lightweight wool and I made the zipper JUST long enough that the not-very-flexible end sort of juts down and creates a very odd growth right in the back. It's awesome.

  5. LOL @ bifurcating. Why isn't there an easy button for all sewing related challenges?

  6. Love the color. And hell yes you have to wear them. You *made* those pants.

  7. Good job! And... have you worn them? ;-)

  8. Andrea: I am totally taking credit for that trend!

    Pammie: That's what I've figured out :-)

    Susan: Learning experience :-)

    Patty: If it happens to you too then I don't feel so bad!

    Carla: Why indeed???

    Stacey: Amen - will wear with moxy.

    Stacy: Yes - twice! And I'm just pretending the zipper is intentional. :-)