Friday, April 29, 2011

Shout Out to the (Knitting) Experts: Rolling with Stockinette Stitch

OK, knitting knowers, pls. could you confirm that it's normal for the back piece of a sweater (flat knitted in stockinette) with:
  • 5 rows of stockinette selvedge* (separated from the main body of the piece by 2 rows of purl stitching) followed by
  • 20 rows above that purl selvedge line
to roll somewhat despite the use of the purl rows to forestall curling.

I'm pretty sure I'm following the pattern correctly. (This is actually my second attempt...)

I'm assuming that when one blocks the finished pieces and then sews the back to the sides the curling disappears. However, if this piece should be entirely flat right now then hmmm...

It would be so much easier if I knew what I was looking for. I guess that's why this will be much less freakish the next time.

* by selvedge I mean the edge to the purl line - what would be the hem (seam) allowance on a sewn garment. Pls. advise if there's another name for this.


  1. The edge is curling? Like on my Summer Storm sweater (check my Ravelry project page and the second picture)?

    Would this matter though if it's going to be turned? I know how hems are made, but I haven't done one myself.

    *One of my knitting books calls it the facing.

  2. It's fine don't worry about it. You'll sew it together and it will be perfect.

  3. S'okay - stockinette curls! It's because of the structure of the stitch. Even machine knit stockinette curls!

    It may still curl after blocking, so don't worry if yours still curls.

    If this is to be a hem, when it is folded over and secured the curls will more or less offset each other, that and the extra bit of weight from the doubled bit will help it hang straight when worn.

    So you should be fine! ;-)

    Jean Marie

  4. Raven: Yes! It's curling a bit like that. I have to read through all of the instructions to see if there is a hem and how it works - I'm a bit overwhelmed just by going line by line :-)

    Erika and Jean Marie: Thank you! Makes me feel so much better to read these comments. As I said in my comment to Raven - I think I need to familiarize myself more with the whole pattern - including the final construction!

  5. Ditto to what your other commenters have said. Stocking stitch always curls, and blocking doesn't always correct it, but that pattern pic looks as if you do a sewn hem which will correct the problem. sometimes a rolled edge suits the garment nicely, sometimes a moss/seed stitch makes an elegant solution. We're all looking forward to seeing some pics of the work in progress.

  6. I concur -- it's normal for stockinette to curl. Buck up little knitter! It'll be just fine.

  7. F: I still haven't checked the sewing construction to figure out whether there's a hem. Thanks for feedback. I will post what I have at the end of the day. It's not really enough to look like anything right now! :-)

    Audi: LOL! I love being a little knitter!

  8. The curling isn't a problem (and stocking stitch always does this) - if you look carefully at the pattern photo, especially on the sleeve where you can see it clearly, you will see that there is a hem which you will fold up along the line of purl stitches, so they form a neat little line along the edge of the hem on the right side. You then catch stitch the hem up on the wrong side. It's a lovely pattern, keep going!

  9. Jane - I didn't notice that on the photo but I can see how it will work (just on the back piece which I'm working on now). Thanks for the feedback!

  10. I'm pretty sure that's why you do rib on stuff as it doesn't curl, everything else does