Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm not a huge fan of Steve Madden. Having said that, I found myself handing over my credit card for these:

Steve Madden Spiffyy

They're ridiculously comfortable - kind of like slippers - and I really need an alternate to my Diesel "walking shoes". Much though I love those, they're the only flat shoes I have (all my other flats are transitional or winter boots). In truth, I'm utterly bored.

Don't misunderstand. These days more than ever, I don't wear heels. I own various pairs of summer sandals - all flats or wedges (flat heels, as M calls them). Since I broke my foot, I'm that much less inclined to risk my mobility on cute footwear.

Given their neutral taupe shade and seersucker ribbon laces, I suspect these will go well with wide leg denim. They might also work with shorts (haven't tried out that look yet). I know they won't be universally flattering. With skirts and dresses, I assume they'll look like crap.

What do you think?


  1. Be still my heart. I guess it's good I can't go right out and buy some Steve Maddens, I wouldn't know where to go to find them. Wowza.

    For skirts and dresses, it would depend on the length. I rather like the look of quirky cute flats with a knee length full skirt though I'd probably change the laces. It *can* be a cool look with the right slim skirt, if it's a little long it can be the "I'm too stylish for fashion" look which works for the right person.

    Damn I want those shoes.

  2. I've been eyeing up wingtips lately too, just for a warmer-than-flats option with trousers. I love the wingtip style! I just finished re-watching the first season of Twin Peaks, and these have a total audrey horn vibe! Straight skirts and cute little fitted sweaters are calling to these shoes!

    I am also yearning for some 'flatform' summery sandals - totally flat, but with a good platform sole, preferably cork, preferably two or three inches. I was haunting the shoe options at the Mall of America (includes a Nordstrom with a great shoe selection) for some and couldn't find a single one. I'm not sure if it's too early in the season for them, or too early in the trend to see them at the retailers/price where I'd like to see them! I don't remember seeing anything like that last year...

  3. They're super cute. Maybe try them with fuller, retro-looking skirts?

  4. Those shoes are so cute! They would be great for casual office wear.

  5. I really like the laces. I'm not sure about how they'd look with skirts, but maybe fine with colored tights?

    I have colored tights on my mind.

    The laces remind me of the pretty vogue sandals LPC posted about at AmidPrivilege earlier this week.

  6. Thanks, spirit is what I'll need to get these bottoms finished properly!

  7. I have 3 pairs of mens shoes, one vintage wingtips and I love them with knee length skirts and a scrunched down thin knee sock. It's something I wore in the Doc Marten days, but I got completely obsessed again after seeing the Lena Horshek lookbooks with men's oxfords and full skirts with crinolines. I have favored flats more post-childbirth..

  8. Steph: I think I might get a few types of grosgrain to lace the shoes with. That seersucker stuff is a one trick pony. I'm sure you could buy these online (I"m not a fan of online shoe shopping, but if it's the only option...)

    Patty: I think they might come back this year because I haven't seen a lot of wedges (much less cork ones) in the last couple of years.

    Sal: I was thinking that too!

    Cyn: I have worn them to the office already. They're a hit.

    Susan: Yes, they do remind me of those too!

    Faye: You're up to the challenge!

    LAP: I think the scrunched sock will be great! Very retro-modern. I'm going to try it.

  9. Hey! I got some Steve Madden brogues last year. I'm with you both on not liking him or the brand, and in succumbing to comfort and style. Yours, by the way, are better than mine:). Adorable.

  10. LPC: All the cool girls are doing it :-) The comfort is compelling.