Saturday, December 18, 2010

No Pressure is the New Pressure

I've been a bit sporadic on the posting over the past few days because it was my first week back in the office after the 2.5 weeks I worked from home re: the foot injury. Gotta say it was not optimal from a healing and pain management perspective, though it was a very busy week taking care of things before starting my Xmas vacation.

You heard that right, peeps, I now have 2 weeks to sit on my ass with my legs up eating cookies. After I make them. And display them attractively. Did I mention it isn't the most present-rific scene under the tree right now. I did shop online from the comfort of my own couch (my new favourite - and dangerous style of consumption) but managed to give M a lot of the purchases as they arrived because I couldn't resist opening the packages with glee. But don't feel sorry for her. When I think of how much is waiting to be opened - without the scarcest hint of need - it disgusts me a little bit. (Happily, she doesn't have those issues.)

Yesterday, while doing a few minutes of (frankly hurty) mall wandering before going to my husband's office party at a nearby hotel, I stumbled on the Hudson's Bay Company boutique (in the Queen St. corner of The Bay) and killed time by trying on some shearling mits and fulsome-fur trapper hats. I've never been one who likes the Bay multistripes-on-cream motif, but I was entranced by a muted version of the point blanket in cashmere! Oh, once I touch that stuff it's all over. Anyway, I was half ready to buy it (no need, just for me) when I looked at the price tag: $600.00. Thankfully, at that point, my sanity was returned. Mind you, if you like iconic patterns, Canadiana, and you're rich, this is the item for you!

Malls are a soul-sucking, sick, mechanism of consumerism. I was horrified by the throngs of shoppers acting like they were on uppers, pushing by, grabbing items and rudely thrusting them back without folding them. I rarely shop in malls - never shop the week before Xmas - and the combo was depressing. I'm telling you, just shop online. And visit your local retailers, who know you by name because you've been going there for years and buying their well considered product.

Is it me, or do the chain stores put out their crappiest wares at this time of year, "discounting" them by 40%. It's easy to give 40% off when you're offloading the cheap shit that's been sitting in the warehouse and likely won't move when the Xmas-fever wears off.

At any rate, my goal for the next 2 weeks is to take care of my foot and enjoy my home, good food, and friends/family. Honestly, I don't care enough to make myself crazy (or maybe I care just the right amount!) Posting might be thin (or not) because I hope to make a zillion home-sewn garments - or a well-considered few. The sewing has really taken a hit since the foot injury, but then, what hasn't?

To give you an injury update (since I assume y'all find it fascinating): My physiotherapist continues to be "amazed" at the pace and quality of my recovery and, at this point, has suggested that I simply keep doing yoga because it targets my injury in a more refined fashion than the exercises she can offer. Of course, we strategize the required movements and actions and then I incorporate them into my practice through certain poses. Therapeutic ultrasound has been incredibly effective on me.

My foot looks almost normal (except for the injury hotspot) and the therapist believes the fracture is likely healed (based on my range of motion) and the tendon is almost healed. Alas, the things I really did a number on are 2 ligaments which are basically frayed. Apparently, ligaments don't regenerate, they scar over and then surrounding muscle tissue picks up the slack. I choose not to believe modern science on this front. I envision my ligaments miraculously healing based on careful effort and other treatments. Regardless, I shouldn't have any lasting mobility issues due to this - which is a wonderful Xmas gift, IMO.

The ligament healing process can be long. Apparently, if you want to damage something, don't make it ligaments, or the recovery may be slow - and regrettably painful. I'm trying not to freak out - to feel frightened by the pain or to allow it to make me fearful of conscious movement (which is necessary). At this point, I can irritate things, but it's very unlikely I will worsen the damage I've sustained (that would take a similar foot trauma). The part of me that is upset by my continuing discomfort is occasionally corralled by the part of me that recognizes it's pretty amazing I'm able to do as much as I can right now. Being bed-bound for 6 weeks wouldn't be unusual under the circumstances - and if you'd seen my foot after the injury, you'd agree it's a miracle how restored to its former look and feel it is.

Thank you so much, everyone, for thinking of me over the past few weeks - giving me your health vibes. I am certain it has been a great help and I am very grateful.

So let's get on with the relaxation, yes?


  1. I have managed to avoid the malls this season. I take go once to our local mall (on Black Friday) and was surprised at how not-crowded it was. People (myself included) can't afford to do the crazy shopping they used to do, and yes, I think a lot of us are also aware of the inferior goods being sold this time of year.

    (BTW I had ultrasound treatment after abdominal surgery (years ago) and I was amazed at how effective it was. Almost magical.)

  2. Glad to hear how well your foot is healing, and I wish you much patience with it over the holidays so as not to slow down that progress. I'm sure it must be driving you crazy, given your usual, shall we say "energetic" approach? At least as I've come to understand it through your blog. . .
    I've always loved those iconic HB stripes, altho' never for my own place -- the colours don't work on me or in my usual home environment. But I've also swooned over the cashmere version, and that's from only seeing it in photos, not actually touching it . . . .

  3. Ms. M: I continue to be amazed by the ultrasound.

    F: I have to keep reminding myself to stop moving so fast and hard. Some days I irritate my foot because I act before I think. I'm trying to learn my lesson but it's hard.