Friday, December 10, 2010


Perhaps you know that I've been searching for a long line bra for a very long time. If we want to get technical about timelines, that means years. If we want to focus on when I started my active online research, that would probably be about 6 months.

My friends, I've had a bitch of a time. For starters, are you aware that long line bras seem to come in 2 standard categories: small and delicate in both back and cup size and wide and sturdy in both back and cup size? What's a girl with a generous bust and a narrow frame to do?

Furthermore, in this day and age, the only people wearing the long line bras are the brides. The ones who want a smooth silhouette for day-to-day wear are apparently purchasing Spanx. I begrudge neither Spanx nor the women who wear them, but they are not for me. Too ugly, IMO. I prefer the shape provided by corsetry over that of elastic compression.

Finally, I realized I would need to go with the Goddess brand. It's venerable. It's the only one I could get shipped to Canada for less than a zillion dollars (via Lauren Silva, fyi). It's an online site I'd never heard of till I did my digging. I feel that the whole shopping experience has been pleasant enough, though the item ended up being out of stock (even though the site said it was in stock) and the shipping took close to a month. The main thing about Goddess, though, is that it's for the full-figured ladies.

You'll note, in the photo below, the bride-to-be is not full-figured, but let's not split hairs:

Because the bra I received (in the smallest back size they design for - a 34) is so freakin' narrow that I have not yet been able to verify if the cups will fit (they seem on the large size, in truth, though I bought a half size down). I am going to need assistance to get into this thing, people.

I was able to do up the hooks, fyi, just not from the back. And there is no way I can twist the thing around once on. It truly IS a corset. (Note: It comes with detachable straps, not that you'll need them. I bought mine in black because, as you may know, I have no interest in looking like a bride. I'm almost amazed it comes in black. I mean, what bride wears black?)

Here's what I can say about it so far - and I'm sure I'll return to the subject after Scott assists me in putting it on, Gone with the Wind-style.
  • It's not ugly but it is lacy. Firm lacy.
  • There's actual flexible-boning in the cups?!
  • The cups are extremely long - I don't know what this will mean to fit, but it's unusual. This may be the undoing of things for me. I don't know that my chest is going to fill out the length of the cup. How often do you hear me complaining that the bra might be too big?!
  • It's going to be insanely shaping through the waist, of that I am certain. Having said that, I fear for my internal organs.
  • I'm almost at the stage where I can confirm that there is NO way that Spanx can accomplish what the long line bra - and girdle, and corset - can. Compression simply encases adipose tissue and aims, rather ineptly, to distribute it evenly. Boning actually connects to your skeleton. Look, they're both evil mechanisms from a long-term health perspective - they mush you up in ways your natural shape has not chosen for itself. But if you want the impact, just get a corset.
  • I suspect - and again, I haven't worn it yet - that I will go down a generous dress size using this thing. Note: I have no interest in going down a dress size on a regular basis. I do love the idea of being wasp-waisted when wearing a cashmere sweater, however.
So peeps, what's your opinion? Do you prefer the idea of Spanx or long lines? Do you wear either on a regular basis? Do you own this bra and, if so, what do you think? Let's talk corsets.


  1. I need to get a long line bra! I looked when I got married, but ended up getting a bustier -which, incidentally, was hot pink and black, with matching black undies! So THERE! I was the bride in black! My dress was white, though and I traded out the straps on the bustier with clear ones. My maid of honor was scandalized at my under garment choice. I loved it.

    I'm leery about starting the long line process, since i'm the most narrow at my underbust - with my natural waist being almost 5" wider - so the conventional sizing + the construction might not work out so well - big enough to fit around the waist, then way too big around the underbust measurement.

  2. If I were going for shapewear, I would definitely be a corset girl. That being said, I have a short waist (my waist actually overlaps with the bottom of my ribcage) so I don't reduce much. I do have a few boned bodices that are fine, but the boning is light plastic that doesn't do a whole lot more than spanx would ;)

    Good luck with the odd-shaped cups... that is my undoing when it comes to bras. :)

  3. I just got a couple longline bras from Woman Within, (I'm a 36 DD) and I noticed right away how long the cups looked as well, but once on, I was super pleased. The style I ordered (3-piece cup) definitely creates a retro bust shape, but it's ridiculously comfortable (although the front hook model I got is much easier to finesse than the back hook) and I loved the look. I even wore it under a tee-shirt to great effect, and I can't help but rave about the fit and support. I've since ordered another with a more modern cup shape for everyday when I don't want to man the torpedoes as much, so to speak. I feel really lucky I fall into a category that allows me to buy these for such a good price.

  4. has some really beautiful things for sale. They have some longline bras...not very many are attractive, but they do have some. Apparently, they are highly regarded be women who tightlace bc I keep hearing about them...Oh, and the ship to Canada.

  5. I am a Spanx gal. The pain of boning is not something I want endure again. My dreams of a wasp waist are long over. I would settle on a fluffy bumble bug waist.;-)

  6. Patty: Knowing you, you could totally alter the long line to suit your needs! And I LOVE your bridal wear.

    Tanit: The short waist really fucks with long line fitting.

    LAP: You are really lucky! Enjoy it!

    Fraulein: Thanks for the tip. I'm going to check it out.

    Bel: That's kind of how I'm feeling these days too!

    Lisa: I know - it's a great image :-)