Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rise Up

While I may be laid up (now I see why they call it that), in my dreams I'm sewing. The projects I had on the go, ready to begin just before the injury, are sitting in the sewga room like time capsules, calling to me as I do my yoga each day. Gotta say, the universe has really helped me to reconnect with my practice :-) Ain't no distracting me right now.

In case you wonder if I've lost my inextinguishable obsession - no way! I conspire to develop new systems to help me get back to the sewing as I heal, even if for short bursts. I've convinced Scott to help me cut out the fabric for my patterns. I tried to convince him to trace my patterns, but no dice. So I will have to cut the pattern to the sizes I envision and hope they're on the mark.

I have a new sewing chair, a loaner from Scott's office, which has wheels so I can shuffle around. Now I need to create a viable support for the healing foot (maybe my air cast will be enough, maybe I'll need to create a ramp to elevate my foot)?

When I've got it sorted, here are the things I'm working on next - the pants for V1166:

They're Very Easy, apparently, which is what I'm looking for in my first pants project. I have made yoga pants, but I don't think they're the same beast - at least from a fitting perspective.

Now we're going to see if my lower body is easier to fit than my upper body. And also how long it takes to determine the fit on pants when one's ability to stand isn't stellar.

The other thing I'm mentally working on is the next version of V8413, the dress I made originally in scary-cheap poly double knit (one of my few online fabric forays). I have some burnt orange double knit in my stash, specifically to remake this, and have just been waiting for an opp to get started. Who knows, I might even make a different version this time. Anyone have any suggestions about which version they think would be cutest on me??

Since I got the news about my foot yesterday I've been feeling very strange. I don't know if I'm in denial, or if I'm the arbiter of the extent of this injury as it has occurred within my own body, but I do not believe that this is going to keep me down for long.

I called the physio clinic immediately - according to many, the best in the city and the one my doctor recommended to me. (Sidebar: Ever had your doctor call clinicians to get you an emergency appointment for tests, request verbal diagnosis same-day and then call you an hour after the appt. on a day she doesn't work to give you the results and the name of a physio location (and therapist) which she directs you to a) call immediately and b) then respond to her to advise when your first appt. is so she can send the results over asap???)

I spoke at some length with the friendly physio clinic receptionist whom, I advised, that I am extremely engaged and motivated to work through this injury as quickly and competently as is humanly possible. I told her I would come in daily, I would do whatever exercises are required times 2 - with all the precision required, whereupon she (I detect, vaguely amusedly) responded that one needs to rest between sessions. Whatever. If I were an Olympic athlete she'd take me at my word. She doesn't know that I have the steely will of a skilled professional when it comes to healing. Perhaps y'all know this about me by now, I am utterly single-minded in my pursuit of things. Especially resolution. Especially in matters of my own health and well-being.

No mind, they'll be taking me seriously on Monday at my first appointment. Everybody does, eventually.


  1. The patterns you have lined up are wonderful. I hope you find a way to roll around in your wheely chair and get at them. I just read somewhere that when people are asked what they REALLY enjoy doing, and then (as part of a psych experiment) are told they CANNOT do that thing ... after less than 24 hours, the people were nervous, jittery, depressed, out of sorts... so I hope you mend soon soon.

  2. I like the bottom left dress version. It has short're in Canada; make that top left. :-)

    Don't try to push yourself, let this thing heal like it should. It's a royal pain to be down for so long, but it's better than having to get surgery and/or lose athletic ability.

  3. I know your feeling about the foot. I've had two hand problems and both times I was like, "WHAT?! How dare you misbehave." I was, however, relieved that it wasn't something worse like a foot! So you have lots of sympathy from me.

  4. i love the trousers you're going to make, so much more satisfying when you've made them yourself.

  5. Your poor foot - it will get better. Juice carrot, apple & ginger to start the day - will work wonders for immune and recovery.

    Great pattern choice for the dresses and making pants are always hard it is the hip bit I'm afraid! Get it right though and they are perfect xx

  6. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm a VERY small A cup so I think it will work out. I'm a bit bottom heavy (32, 25, 36), which is why I was concerned. Thanks again! :D

  7. Anita: That is so true! The minute I can't do something, that's all I want to do :-)

    CGC: You are so right. I have to smack myself and slow down sometimes because it's not worth doing long-term damage for immediate gain. Thank you for reminding me.

    Pink: Yes - I agree!

    Kate: I'm trying to incorporate a lot of ginger because it's good for the inflammation. I'm like my own apothecary here :-)

    Queen: I think you have very good measurements for the Gather Dress No. 3. Good luck!

  8. I knew you'd find a way to work on something, several somethings. I think your life is a testament to obsessive motivation, and I mean that in a very good way.

  9. M: :-) It's good. It's bad. It's what it is...