Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Theory...

Honestly, I have got to stop leaving the house. Of course, I've only done that a handful of times in the last month, but every time turns into a spendathon.

For starters: I feel the Shu lipstick was a bust - the stain is just not adequately intense. Fortunately, yesterday, as I was waiting for my physio - the only thing that seems to get me out of the house under any circumstances - I had a chance to browse at Mac. I remembered that WendyB wears a Mac shade, and that she (too) believes in intensity of colour. Thanks to her, I think I may have found my new lipstick! It's called Dubonnet and it's 17 bucks! Seriously, I've spent 4 times that amount trying to replace my former (now, discontinued) shade.

Mac Dubonnet

Then, I was compelled to repurchase my fave lip "anti-wrinkle"serum. Really, you should get it. Enough said.

After that - and I swear I had no intentions - I wandered around Holt's (the "cheapie" third floor) and found the most gorgeous Theory sweater - called Fionola. You know I don't buy clothing anymore, but when I saw this I realized it was of far better quality - both in fabric and construction - than I would be able to produce for a very long time. I purchased it in a colour called Northern Light which is, frankly, fantastic. (It's a rich blue.) It has an exposed zipper running down the back - like you can totally undo the centre back of this top! But srsly, when a sweater at 70% off still costs $130.00 before tax, what is the world coming to?? Then again, what price is too high for great tits, fantastic design, good execution and a slender shape, I ask you??


  1. Lipsticks always disappoint! I plumb for MAC long lasting stuff or use a thing (forgotten the name) to put on top to seal the colour and hold - you get dry lips but worth it for no loss of lipstick!

    Jumper sounds divine xx

  2. I fell madly in love with "Dragon" lipstick by Chanel. A fabulous rich blue red. But sadly, at $35.00 it's outside my lipstick budget. That and the fact that I'd actually have to (gasp) do my makeup everyday to have a face that went with those awesome lips! :)

  3. Kate: I know - it's horrible! And then the minute you find one that isn't a bust, they discontinue it. I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me!!

    birdmommy: I hear you. But given how obsessed I am with lipstick, I'd save my pennies for a year and put them in a jar and then go out and get that lipstick! Just hearing it described, that's what I intend to do :-)

  4. Gorgeous sweater -- such a clean, clean line! I haven't gone anywhere near the after-Christmas sales because I suspect there are some great buys just waiting for me -- I've got to do some closet-clearing before I bringing anything home . . .

  5. WHAT?!?! I can't believe the Shu was a bust! I actually love Aveda's lipsticks.

  6. F: I'm surprisingly thrilled by this RTW item. Knowing I couldn't have made it, makes me happy and sad all at the same time :-)

    R: I know - and 35 bucks!?! I haven't tried Aveda in years but I used to find them too drying on my lips. I'm a lipbalm addict.

    Wendy: You couldn't have told me this 5 lipsticks ago?? :-) (It is a perfect replacement, fyi)