Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Xmas to Me!

While out at physio yesterday, I couldn't resist stepping into the shoe store on the corner - not to buy, of course, but to ogle the pretty (discounted) boots.

Don't ask me how it happened that I managed to walk out with the only pair in the entire place that wasn't on sale (seriously). Let me assure you that the price tag was painful:
La Canadienne Tabitha Boot

You know my love of a) shearling, b) La Canadienne and c) anything that comes from Montreal and d) supporting the Canadian economy (yes, that's what I'm calling it), so technically this was a no-brainer. It marks my fourth pair of boots by this manufacturer- and I have nothing but glowing reports of my first three pairs.

The shearling is truly specatcular - so soft, so warm - and the boots, while rugged rather than elegant, will look good just right with skinny jeans. Never mind that! They'll keep me toasty and dry - with serious grips on flat soles - so that my foot can recover in style.

Notice a theme lately? Kristin and footwear?? My justification is medical necessity. And I'm sticking to it.


  1. I bet Santa Claus absolutely agrees with your logic, and he's probably so pleased that you helped out. In fact, right this moment he's probably crossing off Kristin, Tabitha Boot on a long list. So you can add e) to your rationalizations as well . . .
    Seriously, your foot deserves these! Enjoy.

  2. Those look absolutely divine. And considering the time you've been having, I'd say you deserve them 100%.

  3. merry christmas kristin! the new boots look super warm and comfy and such a great alternative to those *other* shearling boots :D

  4. Ooh, those look incredibly warm and comfortable! Definitely a well-justified purchase, and a great way to cheer yourself up after the foot injury! The Canadian economy *needs* us to keep on buying shoes, love it! (I'm going to use that theory to rationalize my next shoe purchase :) )
    Merry early Chrismas to you!

  5. They were just as divine in person as they are in the picture, too!

  6. Ooh, those are pretty cute! Do they come in black? I need a pair of snow boots, but I only buy black shoes and boots...

  7. F: Santa sent me a letter of approval! :-)

    Sally: So glad you like them. I think they are great - comfy and kind of cute.

    Sophie: And to you! I hear you on the "others" :-)

    Tasia: It's fully Canadian-girl-justification approved :-)

    R: So great to meet you today. I had a terrific time and I can't wait to see you when you come back to TO. xo

    Wendy: What? You don't think they're sex-ay??

    CGC - Yes! They come in black too!!

  8. Oh dear. Those are awesome. That website is truly, truly dangerous. I`m really glad I didn`t know about them when I was in Montreal last spring....

  9. I know - the website is a bona fide problem. As are the stores where they're sold - which is likely all over your neck of the woods. So STAY HOME! :-) Or give in!