Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ooh La La

Every once in a while, The Sartorialist hits the nail on the head:

Could this woman be chic-er?

About 10 years ago I owned a knife-pleat black, knee-length skirt (from the Gap of all places, back when they actually designed things). I wore it with a Sisley, 3/4 sleeve burnt orange, narrow boat-neck, waist length knit top. It looked just terrific with some lady-shoes I had in patent leather.

The whole outfit has moved on in pieces, gifted here or there to those on whom it might look lovely with an air of novelty. I felt damn fine when I wore it, just like the woman in this photo looks.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.


  1. Terribly chic!!! And the photo. It's photo poses and settings like this that are great inspiration.

  2. It is a perfect look, gorgeous colours and I wish I had those items but not her skinny collarbones!

  3. Amazing how simple pieces conspire to create amazing looks.

  4. Very chic. Although I love piling on layers of different prints and textures, I'm equally fond of an utterly pared down look.

  5. Anita: I totally agree!

    Kate: I'll take the whole thing :-)

    Sal: I actually think it's easier to look good with very simple lines (which is good cuz they're easier to sew :-))

    Wendy: :-)

    Miss C: I'm into the simple lately. But I do love that layered look - esp. with lots of jewels.

  6. fabulous. I had a skirt like this once. Perhaps an outfit like this once as well. Love the simple look, but alas don't do it enough.

  7. It's so hard not to overdo it! Of course, "overdone" can be it's own kind of excellent look.