Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Tag

And by that I mean meme...

Dr. Monkey tagged me to tell you a few things about the Xmas me:

1. When do you know it's the holidays? When the trees start to go up. The spirit kicks in around early / mid November.

2. What do you want for Christmas this year? World peace. And a Mac.

3. Do you go all out with decorations? No. I would do more, but that would take too much effort. :-)

4. What are you doing Christmas Eve? Eating wild mushroom brie fondue with lots of green and red veggies (and baguette) followed by a moist struesel crumb cake and berries. I can smell it baking now and it's driving me crazy!!

5. What are you doing Christmas Day? Opening gifts and eating.

6. It's Christmas time. What are you reading? Blogs and mags. And maybe Santa will bring me the Alexandria Quartet - which I haven't read in 20 years, but which has been calling to me lately.

7. Favorite movie to watch during the holidays? Family Man with Tea Leoni and Nicholas Cage.

8. Favorite Christmas song? Oh that is a tough call. White Christmas (jazz version)? Santa Baby? I like the jazz standards a lot.

9. Favorite holiday drink? Red wine, same as always.

10. How is your Christmas shopping going? Done, done, done.

11. If you could spend Christmas Day anywhere else, where would you spend it? Quebec City

12. Any holiday traditions? We argue when to put up the tree, where to spend Xmas, what to eat...

13. Favorite thing about the holidays? It's a break from the regular routine and the misery of early winter. And Xmas trees are pretty. And the food is good. And it's a time to reflect at the end of the year. I like that people are in a good mood.

I am too stuffed with food and drink to choose who else should do this - but I urge you to take on the challenge. And let me know - I want to read up!


  1. what a great meme... we had fondue last night too... it was bizarrely filling!

    happy christmas to you my dear!

  2. You're so cosmopolitan and hip, I adore your answers. Happy holiday to you and your family!

  3. J: All the coolest kids eat fondue at Xmas!

    Monkey: xo