Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gorgeous Lingerie I Own

I took a photo of the Panache "body" I bought a while ago, and then forgot to post it...

I highly recommend this piece. For starters, it's actually supportive. Nonetheless, it looks like a flimsy/sexy piece of lace - both on and off. It acts like Spanx on your abdomen - only not in a squishy, compressive way, more in a sassy, corseted way. It comes in numerous sizes, though alas, only a couple of colours. It's got snaps at the gusset so you can pee without pulling the whole thing down.

I love wearing it with a crisp, classic white blouse, the top 2 buttons of which are open to reveal the insanely good decollete this thing provides.

Oh, and I got it on sale from Figleaves (I've seen it on sale a few times) for some ridiculously low amount of money like 20 pounds.

If you want to channel your inner-French woman, this body suit is a must. Or should I say de rigeur.


  1. Now THAT actually tempts me. Yum.

  2. Sal: I can't believe I've managed to tempt you with the lacy lingerie!

    Anita: thanks!

    Susan: No - don't wait! You deserve this now and it does come in many sizes.

  3. My inner Frenchwoman does not wear black lingerie under a white shirt....

  4. i am cautiously considering dating sooner or later, and that means buying lingerie for the lucky fella that manages to pass the grade (if there is one! lol). and i would LOVE to have this beauty. but i think you look better in it than i do! but i still want it if it is available for big and busty!!

  5. Monkey: Thanks!

    J: You have to try it. It's very good and it comes in lots of sizes.

    Anon: If I didn't know better, I'd think this might be a dis. I wish your inner French woman whatever colour bra underneath her white shirt she desires.