Monday, December 13, 2010

Sewing Tip: Pants

I have some useful info for you if you happen to be making pants (like, for the first time). While your gorgeous wool fabric may have give up the yin yang, your bemberg lining will not.

Do yourself a favour and use seam allowances that are .25 inch smaller on your lining (i.e. make the lining a smidge bigger than the fashion fabric). Then, when you try to put on the finished garment, you won't feel encased in a slightly too-snug lining.

What can I say? You live, you learn.

PS: I'm starting to realize that the sign of an expert seamstress is one who can intuit how much fabric ease is required when transitioning from muslin to wearable item.


  1. Thanks! I'm working on my first pair of pants and this post will really help.

  2. I'm about to transition from a dress muslin to the wearable fashion fabric, a gorgeous wool with a bit of stretch. It's all cut out, but the jury is still out on how "expert" I was in the transition.

  3. You have learned so much. And I am learning so much from you. Can't wait to see your new pants!

  4. Good advice! The sausuageLOL! I'm learning more and more that you just have to fit as you go. You never know exactly how each fabric will translate your pattern.

  5. Carla: Happy to help! Really.

    Elle: I hear you. If only we could afford to make muslins in the fashion fabric :-)

    Bel: xo

    Victoria: But it can be a painful lesson :-)