Friday, April 16, 2010

This is a Post About Denim Leggings

If you don't want to buy stuff, may I suggest you don't go shopping?

I've done insanely "well" for more than 3 months - not buying any new clothing. Tuesday I had a wardrobe malfunction and had to replace (and on-the-spot toss) a pair of trouser jeans that was literally falling apart (ok).

Today, I went shopping for my husband. Yeah, he hasn't bought himself an item of clothing in 15 years. It's all good. He wears everything I buy and I have great taste. Between the 2 of us, he's rocking a mid-40's hot guy thing.

I go out for him once or twice a year. It's been a year now, I'm sure because just about everything in his closet needs to be, um, retired. I found myself with 45 minutes to kill after work and decided to fill in the basics.

All was well until I quickly "nipped" into Club Monaco. I thought I was over that place but apparently I'm like a recovering ice cream-aholic. (Wait, I am a recovering ice cream-aholic.)

I thought I could check out some pants and be done with it.

Long story short, I am the new owner of my second pair of denim leggings. Please don't call them deggings or jeggings or leans or anything else. I wish I could show you a photo but the Club Monaco people are so cheap with those.

Said pants zip and button on the side. They are entirely flat front and without embellishment or pockets on the ass. They're actually practically fitted capris a la 1950. But full length and dark-wash indigo.

They are very flattering but not vanity sized - alas - and not cheap. 140 bucks later I exited the shop with an item which, essentially, I already own.

So why did I buy them?

Well, I wanted them. I know I'll wear them into the ground (much as I'm doing with the first pair, my Guido and Mary's). Oh, and I have a thing for denim. Some may call it a problem - but jeans are like shoes to me. Only I have many fewer pairs of jeans than your average shoe addict has shoes.

I wear jeans 3 - 5 x per week. That's kind of a lot. I dress them up and down. I express my inner bad ass, my demure American preppy. People tell me I look good in them.

I know I look good in them.

This isn't an item I can sew (yet). Sewing has taken a back seat the last couple of weeks (not in my mind but in application) because I've been so busy dealing with all the things I have to deal with. I guess I feel the lack of new textiles. I do love the feel of clothing. The joy of something that is new to me and flattering and fun.

So that's my rationale.

This isn't a post where I justify my purchasing in light of my no-fritter challenge. I justified it to myself, on the spot, when I made the choice to buy. I mention this because I don't intend to be one of those non-shoppers who goes guilty when she buys. It's not my way.

When I show them off with my new, handmade jacket (I know, you've totally lost faith that you'll ever see a photo of that sucker), just don't want you wondering how they came to be.

But I do intend to continue on my no-shopping path till June. So I guess it's out of the stores for me. Good to know.


  1. Anything that show off your sweet arse has gotta be worth every single cent!

  2. Well, it sounds like a good purchase and worth the investment. That said, as a confirmed fabric/clothing/jewelry/shoe shopaholic I have to admit that the only way to enforce a ban (in my case at least) is to completely avoid temptation. Chocolate and ice cream have the same effect.

  3. oooh can't wait to see a pic of you in the CM leggings. there are CM stores all over ny, and i have to purposely avoid going into them... ;)

  4. If you love it and are going to use it and can afford it...why not?

  5. Mattie: Flattery gets you everywhere. And I'm sorry to hear about the stolen phone...

    Mardel: It's so true. If you're a recovering meth addict, you gotta stay away from the meth - right??

    Sophie: Thank you! Those stores are crack houses in disguise :-)

    Wendy: Of course you are entirely correct. It's why I did buy, but I still think there's merit in staying away from the stores. I haven't actually missed buying things, which leads me to believe I don't need to put myself in temptation's way.

  6. I'm going to quote you on "jeans are like shoes"! I wear jeans (and shoes) every day of the week. I am hoping to learn jeans sewing in the next month, so I can make them the way I want them. Looking forward to seeing what the leggings look like - the flat front sounds very flattering.

  7. Tina: The flat front is flattering! And I love that there are no pockets. I find pockets overrated. When we wear these suckers every day of the week, we need to have variety!