Thursday, April 15, 2010


Photo courtesy of High Park Nature Centre

Thanks to Anabela for keeping me posted on sakura hanami (cherry blossom viewing). Check this out for more information about how to enjoy some spectacular Toronto scenery.

And for Tessa:

when cherry blossoms
no regrets

by Kobayashi Issa (1763 - 1828)


  1. oooh lovely :) a friend and i saw a weeping cherry blossom tree yesterday.

  2. No regrets for the cherry blossoms or for us? I think I might regret winding up on a sidewalk, if I were a cherry blossom. Things would be better on the tree. Sigh.

  3. Cherry blossoms make me happy! I look forward to them blooming in Central Park every year.

  4. Gorgeous. I always miss DC this time of year. My whole family is over there and the cherry blossoms are so stunning.

    (PS and funnily enough, my word verification is Diana - my sister's name.)

  5. cherry blossoms are pretty much TO DIE FOR. just so gorgeous. wah. spring is killing me -- in the best way possible. i kind of forgot how great it could be. :)

  6. Sophie: I don't know that I've seen a weeping one. Gotta look that up!

    W: I think it's one of those crazy "ancient poet" ideas...

    Stacey: I love it when the word verifications are meaningful. That happens to me more often than you'd think.

    J: I do love the spring. It's a rebirth of my spirit.

  7. Stacy: I missed your comment! I would LOVE to see the blossoms in Central Park. What a blessing it is that you live so close to them.