Monday, April 12, 2010

Flowering Almond - End of March

Remember my precious flowering almond? The one that almost offed itself by blooming so voluminously that it struggled to sustain itself and to grow leaves?

My landscaper told me that she'd never seen one quite like it. She imagined it was a new-plant fluke.

Well, apparently, it's on the same trajectory this spring:

Scott took this photo last weekend. since then - due to much rain and warmer temps - the thing is going absolutely nuts. I expect it will explode with puff-ball flowers, fantastically, sometime this week. I am taking steps to help it to stay healthy by making sure that any dead blooms are quickly disposed of (to make space for the leaves).

But oh, what a week it's going to be... Stay tuned for pics.


  1. I never knew of such a tree/plant, but now I'm googling it.

  2. I envy all of you who live in places with real Springs. I look forward to part two of this post.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.xo

  3. Self-destructive plants! Oh noes!

  4. I don't know. Our entire Spring is very early. Earlier than usual. Is it a fluke or a trend?

  5. Thanks for comments everyone. More on this plant coming up soon.

    Mardel: I don't know what's happening either. I"m trying not to dwell because winter's loss is my gain - at least in the short run.