Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Field of Phlox

Here's my (seeming) field of phlox:

The phlox is only about 2x2 (big for a phlox plant but certainly not a meadow). It's only just starting to bloom. In a week or so, you won't be able to see the green for the little flowers. To wit:


  1. So lovely!

    My phlox drop their petals after a week or so and look BIZARRE afterwards. But gorgeous while they bloom.

  2. Looks lovely - I've never seen or heard of it before!

  3. Beautiful. Flowers make such a difference! Instant mood brighteners.

  4. Wow! They look so pretty and calming. Flowers are so lovely. They can change the angry feeling into calm and peaceful in instant. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  5. Sal: They do get spindly when the petals drop - and the leaves hurt my hands - they're so scratchy allergic. But don't you find that they rebloom throughout the summer?

    Kate: I think of England as having every flower in the world (other than cacti - and who cares about those!) :-)

    Stacy: So true. I must surround myself with them.

    Wendy: HIlarious! I did think of that, but then I thought no one would have the slightest idea of what I meant. How I underestimate you readers.

    Jules: That is very true. Sometimes, I just go out and stare at the garden and all my stress disappears.