Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vogue Doesn't Put Out...

...despite what they try to tell you on the package.

This little pattern (Vogue 8123), is part of a series known as Very Easy Vogue:

That's not exactly truth in marketing.

I mean, if they want to call it "Not so Crazy Difficult but Incredibly Time Consuming" Vogue or "It's Easier than Your Average Vaguely Tailored Retro Jacket" Vogue or "Why Not Just Line this Thing - It's Faster than Bias Binding the Seams or Sending a Guy to the Moon" Vogue, I'm all over it. But Very Easy. Hmmm.

I made it, I should know. Pls. stay tuned for some pics tomorrow...


  1. I don't know how Vogue classifies things in terms of what is easy or difficult but this is what I "think". I think if there are fewer than x number of pieces they call it easy, regardless of anything else. I also think that "easy" means not particularly close fitting. But other than that I don't see what the term means. I see patterns that are not called "very easy" that look easier than some that are called "very easy". Go figure.

  2. BWAH! I think you should market your alternative pattern-name ideas.

  3. Can't wait for the pictures! Well Done!

  4. That looks incredibly difficult, looking forward to seeing your creation

  5. Mardel: You're right - it's all about the number of pieces for them! I agree, fewer pieces equals better for me, but still...

    Wendy: It's part of my secret plan when I open my own line and pattern company. And now I've given away some of my best titles!

    Fab: Coming up!

    Reena: Truly, it's not difficult. It's just fidgety time consuming. But I love that it looks hard :-)

  6. I feel sure you will be hearing from Vogue. They will want to hire you to name all their patterns.

  7. If I ever got into sewing, I'm sure I would be intrigued by patterns classified as It's Faster than Sending a Guy to the Moon. I can't wait to see it on!

  8. Hey Lady--- I agree with you, those ratings can be so misleading. Thanks for the heads up on this jacket. I can't wait to see your pics tomorrow.

    BTW, thanks so much for your kind comments (blushing), I was humbled by them. They mean alot coming from a fellow "sewer extraordinaire" (wink)!

  9. Bel: I am expecting a call any day now :-)

    Dora: You see! I know I'm onto something.

    Victoria: I'm always amazed by the complexity and well-roundedness of my blogger friends. You have a particularly exciting job, though!

  10. ha! you make me chuckle. "easy" is not always easy. not by a long shot!