Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fashion Person

I've mentioned my supa-cool, plugged-in, media-type friend Jet. She makes documentaries and belongs to terribly chic arts clubs and plays tennis daily.

Lately, she's been shooting B-roll for her new film. The subject: fashion peeps, shows and the world of models (of course, there's more to it but I don't want to give it all away!)

So I just had to accompany her to the "tent" and watch a show and then go to the Spoke and have a lovely meal and then watch another show. One that was filmed for Fashion Television.

I know, I am very au courant :-)

I'm not going to talk too much about those shows. I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me (the fashion mechanism - not Jet, who totally agrees with me, btw), but I was not impressed by what I observed.

Don't get me wrong: The events were phenomenally organized. As a former planner of media events, I have to say I was nothing but impressed by the venues, the set up, the organizers, the PR peeps, the runway, the perks...

The designs just weren't up to snuff, IMO. And, frankly, it amazes me (given the shoddy tailoring and the lack of imagination that paraded left right and centre - in front of my very eyes) that everyone around me was pandering and ooh-ing and ahh-ing all over the place.

It was curious, let me tell you.

But if you catch me on FT, I assure you I'll be the least bored fashion girl you've ever seen:


  1. i believe you! i used to work for a major museum, and after EVERY SINGLE OPENING and after EVERY SINGLE SPECIAL EVENT, everyone would ooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaah and clap each other on the back and congratulate themselves and others on another smashing achievement. and let me tell you, they were not always great. not be a long shot! i think the same sort of silliness goes on in all industries, particularly in fashion. it is bizarre.

  2. Sounds like a great experience even though the fashion (and the sewing -- I love that you noticed, by the way) weren't up to par. Your friend Jet sounds amazing (and who wouldn't be with that name?). I'm anxious to hear more...
    Still loving your blond hair gorgeous!

  3. I'd say the Emperor has no clothes - but they would probably use that for a show. Bad when you think there is probably real talent in the local fashion and art schools, but no funds to promote.

  4. this looks like great fun. handy to have friends in high places :)

  5. Jeanne Beker is so funny! And I like that you're in the Chatelaine chair . . .

  6. J: What is it with that mass mythology. Good is good - and bad is not.

    Wendy: Admit it, you've met her at a party. Right??

    Stacy: Thanks! And Jet is very cool. You would like her.

    Hammie: Ha! You are SO right.

    Pink: I know!

    Kate: I do what I must :-)

    Miss C: I didn't even notice that till after the fact.