Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spoke of Inspiration

True confession: I want to join a club. Oh, you can call me shallow and social climbing and status conscious. Whatevs. I want to walk into a place that's chicer than God and hear the dulcet tones of an impeccably dressed concierge-cum-model ask me how I am today, Ms K, and can I take your coat and would you like your regular drink or the one you have just sometimes? Katie, at the bar, will get it for you. I want to see gorgeous TO media intelligencia (and the idiots) chatting animatedly about something new and deluxe.

I'm telling you, there are places in Toronto where this is happening. On a Wednesday night?!

(At least I have the good sense to feel drab.)

All this is a long preamble to my story about an awesome evening, made possible by the exceptional generosity of my friend Jeannette. J has the distinction of being, not only an award winning documentary producer, but a woman who has, likely, contributed more to the quality of my life as an individual over the past couple of years than anyone else I can think of. See, in addition to all the public accolades, she's a mom with an inexhaustible tolerance for sleepovers. Those film types...

OK, the evening: You know it's Toronto Fashion Week, yes? Well, J belongs to the Spoke Club, gathering ground for those in the Industry, for artists with somewhat more credibility - if not passion - for their artforms than I have at the moment. Predictably, the place fucking rocks. It's all boutique chic with ambient electronica playing over good speakers and red walls and chandaliers and bathrooms with real towels. (No, I don't get out as much as I should.) There's a bar and a restaurant and a gallery and meeting rooms and a screening room and an entrance way where really attractive women remember your name and politely welcome you.

Given how media-plus it all is, on Wednesday the Spoke put together a little adjunct fashion experience in honour of TFW: a replay of Escada RTW Spring 09 (did this show somewhere last season? I couldn't find evidence on No mind. The gig did not disappoint.

After drinks, followed by dinner, we rode the elevator to the second floor which was decked out with a runway for the show. Practically every seat (2 rows deep on either side of the long promenade, and a couple at the prow) was reserved. Via surreptitious means that we will not dwell on here (though they do involve using one's age and stage and general moxy to promote apparent legitimacy), J and I ended up with those 2 best seats, the ones at the front, spitting distance from the models.

Fuck those women are tall.

Between the height of the risers and the complexity of genetics, I had neckache the next day. Not that I'm complaining!

J, organized nurturer that she is, remembered to charge her camera and took these shots:

It has come to my attention -and this is serious understatement - that I could happily watch a fashion show a hundred times a year. I don't know how it is that I am not an editor at Vogue.

No joke.


  1. I love country clubs. They are remarkably like a home away from home. I like the large drinks and the old fashioned ambiance.

    With my frame of reference, however, I sometimes get a vibe like I am visiting a very large funeral home, what with the plush decor and the many medium sized sitting rooms.

    Your club sounds more lively and swank.

  2. LOL -- love this "and can I take your coat and would you like your regular drink or the one you have just sometimes? "

  3. I'm with you, it's just so elegante.....


  4. hehehe you enjoyed yourself then. Now you'd understand why I love going to shows and taking pics.

    I've got one coming Saturday. Can't wait.

  5. I'd never thought about it before but now I want to join a club too!

  6. Such a fun post!

    And who was it that said: "I wouldn't want to be part of any club that would have me as a member!"...


  7. I used to have Glenmorangie in my portfolio which meant calling on Clubs. And if I am ever successful enough it will be the first thing I do - join a club that is. Even golf clubs have this all exclusive atmosphere of a place where everyone knows your name (and it's not Norm!) and your favourite drink.
    We have one in Dublin called Bentleys, with guestrooms upstairs for those nights when you would rather not go home. Heaven.


    ps. you could edit Marie Claire or one of the thinking fashioney mags.

  8. I need to join, too! And I have no idea what Anna Wintour is doing in your office!

  9. come on, you could do better than vogue!!! maybe you should start up a new mag and be the rival of aw....

  10. If only Vogue positions were given away to those with the greatest capacity for fashion love...
    Also, I want to start a club--my official title will be "dictator."

  11. Yes it's the bubble, I could live inside it forever.

  12. D.: Ha! The country club (vs the city club) does run that risk. I do love belonging, though...

    Why thank you, Ms. WendyB.

    Seeker: Isn't it?

    Songy: You are seriously lucky.

    Cybill: We could start a club about wanting to join a club? :-)

    CC: Was that Charlie Chaplin or Woody Allen?

    Hammie: Oh! I want a club where you can stay overnight when it suits you. So chic.

    Sister: Are you joining the Spoke or my club with Cybill where we talk about wanting to join the Spoke?

    droll: You are too kind to me! :-)

    Rebecca: Excellent title! I'm surprised it's taken you so long :-)

    Mattie: The bubble is mega glam. You are one lucky guy. Don't burst it, man :-)

  13. I am both jealous and intimidated. It would take me two weeks to figure out what to wear to something like this - and no one would even be looking at me!

    Glad you had such a great time.

  14. Stacey: You know how all the best outfits happen when you don't give them any thoughts? (Not that I was having one of those inspired moments.) I opted to go with "I'm a fashion person and we don't care about that shit" attitude. Reconsidered it once I got there. :-)

  15. I got a chance to visit The Spoke for a work event and wow - what a great spot. Wish I was a member! Some good news - there’s a rumor that The Spoke is looking for new members and current members may be extending an invite to friends for the VIP summertime membership. Keep your fingers crossed !

  16. Sam - something tells me you have the inside scoop! My fingers are crossed!