Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ermine not Included

This is not the best picture I've ever taken. And it sure as hell doesn't do justice to the glamour-quotient of the sunnies... But it was super bright outside.

And I'm trying to be optimistic.

PS: I was outside like this for 2 seconds. Don't imagine it was actually warm enough to walk around without a coat.


  1. It's still a damn fine photo of you. And not to rub it in or anything, but it's sunny and 75 here in Tennesee today. Boo ya!

  2. Oh K you look so beautiful!!!

    Love this picture


  3. You look gorgeous! and I want those glasses, NOW!

  4. Great glasses!
    It was 60 degrees in Boston today-what a treat to go out coatless.

  5. totally giggling right now!

    You look fab!

  6. You look incredibly cool, chic and fab. And, you look much better than if you had an ermine.;-)

  7. See, this is what I aim for every day. You are so wicked hawt and glam! Sweet!!

  8. Yeah baby - who needs a coat when you look that hot?!

  9. Never remember to wear my sunnies in winter, but really should. Love these!

  10. Monkey: Thank you for your compliment and you are a meanie for gloating over your weather. Seriously jealous. That's the perfect temp.

    Thanks Seeker!

    Wendy: Thank you! I love the cat meets movie star thing. It's like celebrity, but mysterious. :-)

    Hammie: You'd look gorgeous in them! Oliver Peoples. Get them now.

    Janet: Thank you. Oh, and 60 degrees - well that's just terrific at this time of year!

    Maegan: You of all ladies, can relate to the lure of the movie star sunnies. :-)

    Bel: Thank you so much. I think the ermine would have been a bit too.

    Ms. Espanya: I mistook your glasses for mine, and you managed to score yours for a fraction of the cost. Seems like you're doing a pretty good job to me.

    Cybill: My coat weary frame thanks you!

    Miss C: It's important. Those rays hit at just the wrong angle at this time of year! When we get sun, I mean :-)

  11. GLAMA!!!! it is a great shot. may it get warmer soon, cuz wearing a coat all the time BLOWS>

  12. Drollgirl: Wearing coats does suck. So much, right about now. Today it was hideous again. Freezing cold rain. No coat was right for it. Raincoat too light, winter coat too heavy and not waterproof. Let's just say the sunnies haven't been getting a lot of action the last few days.