Monday, March 16, 2009


I just discovered a new-to-me blog - Canelle et Vanille - and it is beyond food porn. I mean, it's food erotica:

Photo courtesy and copyright of Aran Goyoaga

And it comes with recipes! Maybe y'all have been reading this for months, but it is a terrific new find in my books. I may actually have to start kitchen testing.

Update: I've been emailing with Aran, author of C et V, who linked me to this excellent version of gateau basque - one of my fave desserts ever. Thanks Aran.


  1. Food erotica, eh? Even a non-chef like me can hardly resist that endorsement.

  2. You're seeing other blogs behind my back? How could you!!!

  3. Beautiful food. Very inspiring. It's remarkable how important seeing these kinds of things help with food planning and general thrift.

    Thrift you say? Why yes. Getting great ideas for meals helps people who cook to plan meals and plan for leftovers!



  4. OMG seems so interesting....
    And they have vegetarian food???
    Must check it.


  5. nice tip about Canelle et Vanille. New to me too.

  6. Ms. U: How I love the croissant. It's the only bread product I really care for.

    Sal: Today's post is even more gorgeous than the last one.

    D.: It also helps with thrift because it inspires kitchen creativity - always less expensive (and, at it's best, more delish) than eating out.

    Seeker: Aran does a lot of baking - all I've seen is baking. So it's all vegetarian!

    Heartkorean: I do love the photos.