Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Freakin' Love This...

Reminds me of the bathroom in the 1930s house I grew up in. It's so timeless.


  1. We have a tub like that, but this house was build in '62. It is iron and we recently had it resurfaced. It looks like new.

    I need to re-do the bathroom. It'll wait until the kitchen is paid off.

    Until then... keep throwing out those ideas!

  2. So pretty! Our powder room has a blue sink and toilette from decades ago.

  3. this is just super!!! i especially like the mirrored drawers. as long as they are not situated in front of the toilet.

  4. I hate my bathroom in my apartment, that's the one downside about my place it needs some serious renovations!

  5. < squint > I'm trying to see what that towel says. Howard Johnsons? < /squint >

  6. Love that bathroom..;D
    How i wish i could have the same as that one..=(
    Green is so refreshing..Love it.=)

  7. gotta love this one..=)

  8. I had that exact sink in my 1985 Victorian workers cottage, but of course the bathroom would have been added onto the house in the 1930s.

    It was also in that green!

  9. D.: Not into mint green?? You know, just looked at that towel more closely and it does look hotel-y...

    Miss C: Sounds lovely.

    Wendy: Then my work here is done :-)
    droll: I did not consider that but you are sooo right!

    Jen: That's the biggest challenge with apartments, I find.

    Summer: It is great!

    Solo and Seeker: I agree.

    Imogen: This colour appeals to me no end. And I'd love to hear more about your cottage.

  10. I love it too ...there are some houses in the Valley that still have their original bathrooms exactly like this's a bonus when you find a place that hasn't been redone. :)

  11. It was gorgeous - All beautiful wrought iron lacework on the verandah, leadlight windows and inside was a brick all made from the rubble bricks from other local constructions, so full of character!

    I fell in love with it the minute I walked through the door.

  12. Not to mention mildly camp...I can see Ms Crawford serving up a wire hanger beatn' in this bathroom.

  13. Maegan: A beautiful restoration is an amazing thing. And somehow manages to raise the price of the house by 50K!

    Oh, Imogen, sounds perfect.

    Mattie: Do you notice how everything reminds you of Ms. Crawford?! :-)