Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday Night Walk Home

Friday night dinner at Jules was excellent. The weather, while still somewhat bitter at will, is less preclusive than it was 2 weeks ago (when I snapped this photo):

Remember when it was -20 C at the beginning of March?? Well, that was the signboard outside Ella's Uncle, the hipster hole in the wall, midway between home and work, where I get my coffee to walk with sometimes. They do a perfect extra hot, kind of dry, double shot cappuccino. And they have these dangerous yummies known as crack cookies.

But I digress. Here are some fun storefront shots taken on the walk home on Friday:

I really want the Eames chair. And you can't tell, but the lamp has plastic, shell-like facets that are very beautiful up close.


  1. I usually don't like animal prints, but I love the chair.

  2. OK, I'm fixated on the chair, too ... but have to also say that I'm SO GLAD that -20 business let up before April! Merciful, no?

  3. I always feel like I should own an Eames chair one day, since Eames is my surname. Slightly out of the budget at the moment, though.

  4. Raven: I always love animal prints and I LOVE the chair!

    WendyB: Apparently it can be yours for $1800 bucks new - Herman Miller does one. How HM can do an Eames chair is beyond me, but that's what I found on the web. Wonder how much that antique one was...

    Sal: Beyond merciful because I was losing my mind. Really.

    Andrea: What a gorgeous name you have. And you should definitely own one, if for that reason alone!

  5. the first sign is brilliant! ugh and the chair and that pendant lamp ...to die for!

  6. this reminds me of "eternity" a word chalked on to footpaths in Sydney by a -homeless or mentally ill? can't remember the details- fellow until his death in the 1990s.
    Baz lurhman used it as a backdrop to his version of La Boheme. I bet Imelda Matt would know a bit more.

    Gosh you live somewhere nice and urban chic don't you?

    Keep up the street pics. it brings back memories.


  7. ok, you get the eames chair, and i get the lamp!

  8. Oh,that lamp is so great.Love it too.=)
    But take a look at the chair,it looks like a chocolate milk.lol..;D
    Great post.

  9. Maegan: I can see we share the same taste. Which is excellent, natch.

    Lisa: Interesting story - I'll look that up. And thank you. It is a bit chic. (I mean, it's no Mtl, but I should shut up and stop complaining about quite so regularly.)

    droll: Ok. That works for me.

    Summer: Hilarious!

    Janet and Ambika: I cannot tell you how much I a) want that chair and b) want a space in my house for that chair to go.