Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evil Inspiration

If I were one of those computer wizards, I would seriously consider hacking into Desire to Inspire just to rename it K.Line.

In lieu of that, I am seriously considering taking one day a week and calling it "K.Line lifts great photos from Desire to Inspire post" day.

Is that so wrong?

While you give the moral question some thought, perhaps you'd like to hang in this Swedish "flat" - yeah, they're calling this monster pad a flat:

I just know if I lived here, I'd overwhelm myself with self-important coolness. And I'd be blond.


  1. Gosh I love the organization of the closet.. I get flustered when things are out of order...

    Well, let me know if you head over there I can send you a nice supply of Lorel...

  2. Maybe there's enough room so that if I moved in, they wouldn't notice me.

  3. That closet makes me weep with envy.

  4. Very nice. I've often thought that a set of caryatids would look nice on either side of the entry to our living room.

    Speaking of closet space, an acquaintance of mine converted her 1200 sq foot closet into a nursery.

    1200 sq ft is roughly the size of my first house.

  5. That's a super-cool place. I see why you like it. The closet is a bit overwhelming, though!

  6. Is it generally a good idea to have a source of sunlight in a closet like that? My instincts seem to prevail against it. The sunlight will fade colors particularly of the items stored in the back.

  7. that closet! so unfair. mine is jammed and a total fucking mess and i can never find what i want without getting frustrated. but if i had THAT closet, my troubles would be over!

  8. I know what a great source of inspiration! I never get tired of looking at all those interiors.

  9. That's one of my daily reads. So much great stuff.

  10. I really like the ceramic fireplaces.

  11. Oh love that place.It's o cool.K-line,you really make me smile when you are posting just like those pics..;D
    I really love them.Thanks for sharing it.Have a nice day friend.

  12. I would love to live there but fear I would get washed away like an unwanted smudge- with cool Nordic efficiency.

  13. I love the whole place but if I lived there, I would never leave that closet. I could happily play there all day long.

  14. GJ: The closet blows my mind.

    Wendy: Back off. That's my plan and I think they'd notice 2 of us :-)

    Sal: I know. Imagine your Capricorn self hanging up the new duds there.

    D.: 1200 sq feet is an embarassment of riches for a closet. Or a condo! And you know, I'm willing to live with the risk that my clothes will fade a bit for that real estate :-)

    E: I'm looking for the hot tub in the closet :-)

    drollgirl: That's exactly what I'm telling myself. Hell, just with the foyer my troubles would be over!

    Diana: How does that blogger (is it more than 1?) managed to find such amazing photos?? I'm in awe.

    rightbank: Isn't it amazing stuff?

    Thanks Summer! Glad you liked the post...

    Hammie: You are hilarious! Cool Nordic Efficiency is my next band name.

    Cybill: Couldn't you see yourself lolling naked on the hide rug occasionally? :-)

  15. lol ...the last sentence is great!

    I wish that were my closet ...sigh*

  16. some of my friends live in that kind of space and they are not blonde. :)
    that said, no one has that kind of closet though. hmmm

  17. Maegan: I thought you'd like that last sentence :-)

    Songy: Hair colour optional. And I want to get to know these friends!