Thursday, March 12, 2009

City Scene

This house, now for lease, comes with an interesting story. It's on a particularly iffy stretch of Harbord - not that it's a bad/dangerous street, really, but it's high-traffic and it's in the crappiest stretch of this long urban thoroughfare. That shadow on the right is a lane way - aka alley for those who live elsewhere.

What you see in this photo is not what existed on that spot of land a year ago. A year ago the land was razed. And that's because some idiot (I presume drunken) clipped the former edifice (admittedly a 1 room shit box that might have been 400 sq ft. including the basement) and knocked it half to pieces.

What ensued was a year long slog with the municipality to get zoning for a new structure. Now, almost 2 years later, you see this. Let me assure you, it's quite lovely, even if the photo doesn't show it. You know how I like boxy modernism, intelligent urban design and improvement of my general surroundings.

There's a great skylight at the top and a terrific roof top terrace (seriously wanted in TO). The place is still tiny but, I imagine, well put together - if my observation of its construction is anything to go on. And it is 2.5 floors above ground with a basement. Probably hits 1000 sq. ft. now. Note the cement box, the extent of its frontage, is yet to be landscaped.

What do you think?


  1. It's very Tokyo, so I can't help but love it. Insanely tiny blocks like that call for innovative planning and smart use of space - and for those reasons, they're often some of the best residential designs!

  2. Husband Mike would love it ... but I have reservations. I prefer slightly more traditional buildings for the living-in.

  3. I love these kinds of in-fill. We have a large design department at the local university here and the city is dotted with amazing houses those guys build.


  4. I weirdly love it. And with where I am headed, speaks volumes.

    WV: mabbl - motherspeak babble?

  5. Interesting, but isn't it among tradicional constructions??
    Isn't it a spot different from the surroudings?


  6. Are you thinking of moving? If I were to leave my 100+ year-old home, I'd get something aggressively modern. Nothing in-between, thanks!

  7. The instant attraction to it is there. I am considering it... :-) How are you anyway! Sorry ive been MIA for so long. :-)

  8. That was a lovely house..;D
    Great style,simple but still,looks lam..;D
    Have a nice day k-line.;D

  9. Glamorous i mean,i forgot the letter G".lol =)

  10. It looks pretty darn fab, I swear at first I thought this was in Tokyo.. lol I dig the colors and the large windows....

  11. You read french? I thought of you when I saw this story about a duplex conversion/renovation in the Plateau. There's a slideshow of many pics of the interior if you can't read the article.

  12. Ms. U: I agree!

    Sal: I like mega-modern or super olde fashioned.

    D.: That's living design for you. Love it!

    Tessa: I think you are moving to a lovely, quiet country place, yes? Tranquil in a totally different way.

    Seeker: The style is fairly unique for the landscape - not crazily so, but it's pretty modern in the scheme of things.

    Miss C: Not thinking of moving. How could I do that to my house? :-) I am thinking of renovating though. And I totally agree, it's super old or super new.

    Hey Cordelia: Nice to see you!

    Summer: It is glamorous in its simplicity.

    GJ: It reminds me a bit of your rental post photos...

    Raven: Thanks, I do read French and I can't wait to look over this. Mercixo

  13. Husband Mike does love it. There were a lot of buildings with this feel that have gone up in Seattle where plots are tiny!

  14. I like it. I'm open to all styles of domicile. I love that the ugly old thing was replaced by a cool new thing, something that can contribute to the landscape, rather than detract from it.

  15. Hey, Husband M - so nice to see you here. Sal told me you'd like it... (I'd love to know what you think of my flower photos if you get a chance - though not unless you like them! :-))

    E: I so agree with you. And I really dig ultramodern. I may go for that with my next house...