Sunday, April 18, 2010

Front and Back

Photos courtesy of desiretoinspire

As read on desiretoinspire, this adorable (but moody) house front hides a light and airy, modern interior. I mean, just look at that backyard! (You know how I love me an urban garden.)

Oh, and it recently sold for 1.5 mill AUS. So it may be a while before it's back on the market.



  1. Lots of houses are like this here - our new house is kind of like that too - a modern reno hiding behind a victorian or edwardian front. Usually it's because the original houses are so tiny that they need to be extended, so the extension will open the house up in a modern way.

  2. Looks like a gingerbread house from the front! Cookiessssss!

  3. I love it! It makes me wish I'd never bought an item of clothing and poured all my money into a property that I could sell for 1.5million!

  4. Cute!
    I see myself being single the rest of my life, so it's perfect size.

  5. Deceiving! I take back what I said about the size.
    I followed the link to check out the rest of the pics.

  6. Most councils here insist on keeping a facade of 'heritage' buildings in tact, but often let you do whatever you please to the rest. It's a very strange version of heritage preservation, but it still produces some beautiful results!

  7. I think it's beautiful and adorable. I love how people meld traditional with modern.

  8. Skye: Your new house is a beauty! They do this sort of thing in TO too, but somehow it doesn't seem as impressive :-)

    Wendy: It's all gingerbread on the front and bizness on the back :-)

    Kate: Oh, I know you don't mean that!

    Raven: I know - it's totally deceiving!

    Kit: I guess they can't prevent you from doing whatever you want to the inside of a place, or no one would ever spend 1.5 mill!

    E: That's a personal fave - old architecture, modern interior.