Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I Wore

This is what I wore before I came up with the new manifesto:

Skinnies: Guido & Mary (this brand is starting to go places), T: My design, Sweater: $5.00 at some disposable clothing store (though I've been wearing it for 2 years), Bag: Zara (the grey sac with the chain handle I wrote about last season)

I realize it's a T shirt and jeans, but I'd like to take a moment to say a) how comfortable this combo is and b) how I do feel I wear it chic-ly. Is it so wrong to wear things under those circumstances, even if it the outfit isn't exciting??

Sadass Provisos:

Please note that the room in which these photos was taken has not yet been given a much needed face lift. Well, it's better than it was as a play-room (which is to say we use it), but it needs some work when some money, time, energy and effort combine in a whirling dervish. Don't wait up.

Also, I seem to remember advising that I'd never allow myself to be photographed from below ever again. But my husband was eating breakfast at the time and this is the best I could do, as standing was not in his plans. It appears I have another opportunity to remind us all that it's not an attractive angle.


  1. Oh yeah, looks really comfy and chic in a casual way. You look nice.


  2. you look fab and comfortably chic. there's nothing wrong with rocking a tee and jeans!

    my weekday uniform consists of tee + jeans + blazer. it's honestly the combination of clothes that i feel most 'myself' in. :)

  3. Chic indeed! The little cropped sweater is perfection.

  4. It's a great Stacy London outfit, emphasizing "the most narrow part of your body"--very attractive!

  5. I think you look adorable. The cropped sweater is sex-kitten-y.

  6. You look so sexy! On those skinny jeans.

  7. You look like a hot momma. Love the comfy outfit.

  8. Hot, indeed! Those jeans are fabulous.

  9. You have a great ass!

  10. Seeker: Thank you!

    Miss Sophie: When you put it like that, it sounds perfect!

    Sal: Thanks - you know it cost 5 bucks!

    Miss C: It was my secret plan. :-)

    Ms. Wendy: As the original kitten, your word goes!

    Monkey: xo

    prepaid: Thank you!

    Removalist: Why thank you! It is very comfy!!

    E: You always say just the right thing.

    Iris: Thanks. They are my current faves. And Canadian!

    New Tanya: Loving your name change. And your comment, of course! Thank you.

    Hammie: It's a bit naughty, yes?

  11. You look fabulous, the little short cardigan just makes the outfit, and the jeans are always fabulous on you.

  12. You have a sexy body and that outfit really looks good on you. What I really like most is the sweater that you are wearing, it's so stunning. I wish to have one sweater as beautiful as that.

  13. Thanks Chess. The sweater was quite affordable. I'm sure you can find something like it at H&M.