Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catch All

I've been looking for a new bag (one that approximates a sac I got last year at Zara, but leather and not as heavy as hell) for, well, about a year. The gray Zara one is a great shape and it's very hip, but the chain link handles are uncomfortable and they weigh a ton. And I do prefer leather, to be perfectly honest. I mean, I am a grown up slash heartless meat eater.

I'm not an "it bag" woman. A) I don't like to spend that much money and B) To generalize completely, those it bags tend to be rather ornate (heavy in all ways) - even "mature", in some instances. Of course, I enjoy looking at other women's it bags. They tend to go well with their well-made and (usually) sexy shoes.

Alas, this post is neither about the "it bag" nor the women who sport them.

This is about the new bag I bought - an awesomely buttery soft leather sac that can be worn 4 (count 'em) different ways: across body, long strap one shoulder, shorter strap one shoulder, hand carry and clutch. And it doesn't look mishmashy at all! The flash photography below makes it seem hideously shiny (which it is not - I promise) but it does have - concession to my maturity - gold hardware. Note: not bling-y but bright.

It's big enough without overwhelming, sits comfortably in all positions and it drapes amazingly. I'm loathe to tell y'all I got it at Roots. Yeah, rather populist - I know. But if the bag works... The indisputably excellent features of Roots bags are that they are last-forever well made and very reasonably priced, considering the quality - if not style. My bag is not constructed from the oft-seen pebble leather we have come to associate with Roots. Despite the premium material, it was $250.00. It easily looks like it cost twice that. And no one will be able to place it. But you.



  1. An EXCELLENT choice, K! I've never heard of Roots, I'll admit, but will have to check out their wares now.

  2. Great find! You're right, it's doesn't look like Roots.

  3. Nice! I love multifunctional bags. I've been eyeing a Roots bag on their site for awhile, but I can't find it in store.

  4. Is that the Olivia bag? I love it! I bought one for my daughter's birthday this past July at her request (she asked me to split the cost as it's a bit out of our usual birthday range, but she's a new mom and deserved the splurge) -- hers is in this lovely dove grey. I think they're a fabulous value and gorgeous.

  5. I know nothing of Roots but this is a nice bag!

  6. That is a really nice bag. I've never heard of Roots but I'll have to check them out.

  7. Good choice and find. Of course I know Roots - I have a Roots tee and a stripy scarf. It helps sometimes being an honorary Canadian.

  8. I don't remember Alex Haley saying anything about what bags look good - but this one is Heavenly.
    Do me a fav-ah - take a pic with your laptop peeking out?


    ps. It Bags are sooo 2007

  9. I have never owned a Roots bag--the book satchels and bags were out of my range when I was a student, and then of course I moved here. But I've always liked their style. Do yo remember the tiny ones--book size--that women would sling around their body?

    I did have, though, a great pair of Roots ballerina flats when I was on boarding school, made out of wonderful leather.

    Enjoy your bag!

  10. It looks just beautiful. It's also ideal for someone like me, because it's a bit slouchy without being slopppy—I don't like as much structure as I used to. I also need many strap options, so this is really, really great. You have great taste, K, but we already knew that!

  11. oh so lovely - it looks deceptively simple, but i can see all the versatile and functional options!

    and yes, more often than not all the haute designer "it-bags" are just disappointing. and it's kind of a ridiculous but brilliant marketing ploy that so many luxury brands have succeeded in raising their prices on their handbags to such heights!

  12. Ooo, I like. I'm on the look out for a new bag, more of a messenger style given all the walking (and soon biking) I'm doing. It's funny how hard it is to find something like I have in mind!

  13. Sal: Thanks. They are quintessentially CDN.

    Y: I know, amazing huh??

    Raven: I bet they'd order it for you. Or you might get a better deal online?

    mater: That's the one! I love that you have seen it up close and personal. I saw the grey one. Loved it but I was looking for something black this time around. I love this bag more every time I look at it.

    Mardel and Wendy: It's a v. CDN brand. Was rather hip in the 80s. Now they've fallen into the victim of their own success mode. They had to take manufacturing out of Canada a few yrs ago (too expensive) and I think that's when they lost their mojo.

    Kate: Of course! We CDN girls all have a Roots scarf.

    Genevieve: Thanks!

    Hammie: I haven't even considered putting my laptop in the bag. I can't travel with the thing. It weighs a ton! And it bags are v. 2007!!

    Miss C: They still have those mini bags. And now they make some of their big bags (like the one I got) in mini size...

    E: Thank you! This bag is so practical it is just right for you - lovely but also modular. You can order it online, fyi.

    Sophie: It's amazing that the brand carries so much weight. Not that I wouldn't love me a Chanel...

    Belle: Thanks.

    Ambika: I had 5 requirements with my new bag - and I've been looking a year for them all to be met: right price, weight, shape-functionality, look and feel. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I saw this one...

  14. It's beautiful! Nothing quite like finding the perfect bag, is there? Ever since I got my Anna Corinna tote, I've never craved a new bag yet.

  15. Aja: Seriously, I feel elated every time I pick it up. It's a great feeling.