Saturday, October 17, 2009

Online Shopping: The Goods

When making the decision to give the online lingerie scene its due, I knew I wouldn't be shopping via America. I'm not being mean. Every time I do, it costs me 40% extra in hidden fees. And that pisses me off. You'd think, what with me being up the block metaphorically, it would be easy to import from the US. Not so, peeps.

Realistically, that leaves Britain. Seems strange but, as most of the lingerie I actually buy is made there (Freya, Fantasie, Panache) - not to mention the brands I wish I could wear (Agent Provacateur, anyone) - it struck me as a good plan.

The next thing I had to figure out was where to buy. This was pretty simple. Figleaves is well-known and their policies seemed very reasonable. Plus, the prices are awesome compared with those I pay retail in TO. No doubt, I questioned whether that would all go to hell in taxes and duty and shipping. It did not. I wasn't charged a penny more than they advised I would be. I did not have to go to the post office to pick up a package. It arrived at my door in 6 business days beautifully (but not wastefully) wrapped.

My third issue was size. Natch, every bra is its own scene, though lines done by any particular brand tend to be somewhat uniform. I decided to start slow: I reordered 3 pairs of fancy undies that I already own (ones that needed replacing), and one bra (a basic, seemless nude thing) I've bought many times. I got them all in the size previously purchased. (Note, being the OCD idiot I am, the first thing I do, after buying, is take every tag out of my lingerie. Which means I had to guess/remember what sizes I'd purchased those babies in, in the first place. May I suggest you keep your removed tags on hand for future reference?)

All of them arrived and fit well - well, the back size on the bra was a bit snug but I ordered a 30 (remembering that this back stretches fast) and I'm not at my absolute fat-free-est right now.

Not only that but I was offered a 10% discount for first purchase. Now, when I tried to apply it on the order, it didn't work, so I emailed customer service and they happily offered to refund it to me when the goods arrived (were I to keep them). Very politely, I might add. Moreover, they do little Twitter promotions and they are constantly having short sales (on good stuff - not simply the dregs) and the deals can be 30% off. On the first order - the trial run - I spent $118.00. It would have cost close to $300 at the store.

So, needless to say, once I got the first shipment, I instantly decided to order something new and fun. Behold:

Freya Tamsin Balconette and Brief

Mind you, this set is by Freya (one of my go-to brands though it's a style I haven't worn) and the pattern is zebra! How could I resist. And, it was 30% off. In TO, this set would have cost about $250.00 with tax. I got it for 34 pounds - and that includes shipping. That's turned out to be about $60.00. And no attitude. Even if I have to return it for another size (or send it back altogether if I don't like it), I'm only out the cost of shipping it back to the UK. That's a risk I'm willing to take.


Truly Exciting Update: The set just arrived and it fits PERFECTLY. And I love it. You can't see it here but the background is dove grey, the zebra pattern is muted and there are tiny little pink embroidered roses dotted all over. So fun!


  1. Whew! Hooray for you! I think you really picked a winner, company-wise. I love this print, too.

  2. You just changed my life. I too am up to here with Secrets From Your Sister, but didn't know where else to go to get unusual sizes and brands I love. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Super pretty! And I love the company name; Mr. C and I had discussed naming our eldest Freja . . .

  4. Figleaves is brilliant and yesterday I found out that Agent Provacateur do maternity bras.

  5. Very pretty. I love the little pink bows.

  6. Yeah! That is gorgeous and I am glad things have mostly worked out. I love Figleaves.

  7. I've always looked at Figleaves and never ordered...good to know that you're pleased with them.

  8. very pretty, i'm glad it fit you!

  9. Vavoom..... I assume you will don this for the Mr. and yourself of course? lol It looks fabulous K....

  10. Cool! Except that now I want to go and spend mad bank on lingerie that may be entirely impractical for a giant-granny-pant wearer such as myself...

    Although did I see correctly that Agent Provocateur do maternity bras?!?

  11. E: Thanks. It really is different - in a good way!

    Meg: Your comment makes my day! I'm so happy if I've provided someone with an alternative to officious service. Let me know how it goes...

    Miss C: It is a really pretty name. I like it better with the J though...

    Tessa: Thank you!

    Kate: I know - insane, huh? I think I got that info from LLG a few weeks ago.

    Belle: That's my fave aspect. They're so pretty and the bow between the breasts is a flower with a stem.

    Mardel: It really is a dream find.

    E8: I know!

    Wendy: You should totally try them. They have a US company which would probably be cheaper for you...

    Thanks Pink. It's all about the fit, in the end...

    Snazzy: That's a distinct possibility :-)

    Iris: Ha! They do granny panties too. Nice ones...