Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pound for Pound

Ah, the moment of innocence, before you try to remove the cake from the crappy (but totally buttered and floured) pan, and everything is still possible.

And then there's the moment of truth. Yes, I know the top is pitted. That's because my bundt pan is shot and I can't stop myself from poking at the cake before it's 100% cool. It's a weakness.

But look, it scarcely matters when plated. The cake is gorgeous and it tastes AWESOME.

I've made this recipe many times over the past few years - and it never ceases to delight. In truth, I'm not much of a cake baker. I don't love icing and I find cakes overly fussy. I mean, you can't eat the whole thing in one go, it's challenging to pack it individually and where do you keep it while you're getting through it all?

Enter the cake lid. I think, having made this recent purchase, I may need to experiment with cakes. Tall, fancy cakes - because the lid is very high. Admittedly, it is an interim purchase. I didn't buy a beautiful glass version because I don't know how I'd store it when it's not sitting on the counter with goodies inside and I don't know if cake is really a direction I want to go in. I mean, people, it's frosted temptation. That serves 16. Generously.

My daughter, however, loves it when I make cake. For her, it's the ultimate. She's already eaten 6 slices in the last 12 hours. So maybe I don't have to worry too much about left-overs.

Note: The secret to a perfect pound cake is to substitute half the butter for cream cheese. Trust me, it's genius. And mix the flour in before you add the eggs. Sounds crazy but it makes the thing so light and buttery, you can't stand it.


  1. YUM!! nothing like warm fresh cake!

  2. I'm not a pound cake fan, but I'd snarf down several slices of THAT gorgeous treat, I'm sure. Any baked good with cream cheese in it is OK by me.

  3. I love it with lemon icing. Can my fantasy bundt cake have lemon icing?

  4. This cake is beautiful, and I'd love a slice! Or eight.

    For years, when I made cakes, I used a giant Tupperware container to store my cakes. But I used it upside down. That worked fine, as long as the cake was the right size to fit in. There are really great cake storage things out there, so now one can make a cake any size and still be able to store it.

  5. Hmmmm.... you're trying to get me into sweets..... Now I want some cake....
    Looks divine!!


  6. I don't know if I love anything more than I love cake.

  7. recipe me, and like d debil said, lemon icing...

  8. You know, I LOVE my class cake lid and pedestal. I actually have two (vintage, from eBay). Our cakes, especially those made by the children, that are rather lopsided, smothered with frosting and suffocated by sprinkles look so magical when displayed in a proper form. Do take the plunge!

    Your pound cake looks great, BTW!

  9. Just found the link you sent me . . . Love it! What dreadful ancestors I have . . .

  10. ok now i officially want to bake this weekend. and eat lots of cake!

  11. Christina: Though ice cream is a good alternative :-)

    Sal: It's kind of addictive. Even for the cake snubbers :-)

    D.: Most certainly!

    E: That's a genius idea. I'm going to try that with flatter cakes. Thanks!

    Seeker: Run out and get some.

    Wendy: Have you forgotten your old friend Cadbury?? :-)

    Tanya: OK, will send recipe. Running like a chicken at work right now but stay tuned for it...

    Kate: I know!

    Miss C: Thanks! I'm going to look on e-bay. That's an excellent suggestion.

    Sophie: Go for it!