Sunday, October 11, 2009


You know Maegan, my bloggy girl-crush? Well, here's a snap, just in case you're unfamiliar:

You will all agree that she is outrageously gorgeous, dare I say it, in a Hollywood movie star way. She is also stylish, hilarious and an INCREDIBLE crafter. (I swear I'm not being paid anything to say all this :-))

Well, now she's (rather remarkably IMO) decided to enlighten us about the specifics of her dimensions - something she is asked about all the time. Don't you think it's incredibly brave to tell the entire world how much you weigh and what size your boobs are? And don't you also think that it's incredibly sad that we live in a society in which that's a mark of incredible bravery (she asks, not offering up the details of her own weight).

I'm pretty confident that many women, who look to M as the yard stick of attractiveness, will be thrilled to see that she is both gorgeous and of very real proportions* - just like them. And she appreciates herself!

*By "real" I am in no way implying that those with other proportions are fake. And no doubt, M wears a "smaller than average" dress size. What I'm going for here is that M happens to be conventionally great-looking (proportioned, healthy, strong, curvy) regardless of what dress size she wears. The fact that her frame isn't "beauty industry small" gives ballast to the truism that conventional beauty is not contingent on any particular dress size.


  1. I love your disclaimer! I do think after reading her stats and then her bra size analysis I need to do a bust roadshow in the States - I know how bad bra fittings are there - I've experience Victoria's Secrets and my friend is a FIT grad who is a lingerie specialist and she says it is bad too.

    But back to the point yes - great gal and great body it does prove the point looking and feeling good counts for a lot. She is gorgeous and stats and weight is irrelevant, which I'm sure is the point she is trying to make.

  2. She is gorgeous, as are you! Love the new profile pic!


  3. I've always felt that M and YOU are gorgeous girlies. You're both just right.

  4. Kate: You should totally do a bra-fitting roadshow. I think that the UK is miles ahead on this one. It actually makes bras in the full range of sizes breasts come in, unlike the US manufacturers.

    Thanks CC. I've been meaning to change it forever...

    LLG: Thank you...

    E: Thank you. Weirdly, we have similar proportions - though she's practically half a foot taller :-) But we both rock the bodies we have!

  5. Right, she is gorgeous but so are you!!!!


  6. That is brave. I'm always mildly offended when someone asks my's just "not done!"

  7. omg you make me smile so big ;) ...Thank you. so. much. I should pay you!! lol.

    What I liked most about the comments and emails I received regarding that post were the women who said they thought I was a size 2!!! ...but instead found that I had similar measurements and weight to them and they felt better about themselves because of it. It made me happy. Pictures are deceiving, it's hard to tell sometimes, and I just wanted to put it all out there.

    Again, thank you ;)

  8. Seeker: And you!

    Rebecca: Ha! I know exactly what you mean.

    Maegan: You can pay me in homemade snoods :-) I think it's great what you set out to do, and accomplished. So the appreciation is all mine!