Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Delicious Second-Hand Reading

The other day, while walking by Balfour Books (second hand bookstore) on College St., I saw these titles in the window. Both hardcover - and with extremely appealing food photography - the first one is mostly about the author chatting with his food subjects (who then provide a few recipes - easy recipes) and the second is Charlie Trotter being all "man of the people" and coming up with reasonable dishes you can try at home.

We modified one of the Trotter recipes - chicken with herbs and mustard (we had to grind some powder ourselves because we were out of Dijon?!) marinated in a bag and it was rather yummy. Of course, somehow it took almost 2 hours to put together. Easy weekday meals, my ass. Is it just me or is he looking all smug-chef on the cover??


  1. I wonder if he has 18 sous working for him on those "easy everyday meals!?"


  2. ha! your post is so right on. i read recently an interview with alton brown where he explained why he detests people who insist on calling themselves "chefs" - every 'chef' who's worth their salt in AB's opinion really refers to themselves as a cook.

    there must be some happier, more realistic medium between Thomas Keller and Rachel Ray, no? i've tested some of Ina Garten's recipes lately and hers hold up quite well to my weekday limitations...

  3. That is about what I've heard about the Charlie Trotter book, although I've learned a lot from his books, and used bits and pieces, I don't think he gets the idea of "at home" in any realistic sense.

    Sounds yummy though.

  4. haha-easy huh? but sounds delicious!

  5. We are spared Charlie Trotter here - my all time fav is a cook called Katie Stewart (she must be in her 70s + now). I put on of her brilliant recipes on my blog and then you can test!

  6. E: No doubt he has 20!

    Sophie: I have to get into Ina. I've been meaning to...

    Mardel: I think we have a similar process.

    Pink: Ain't it...

    Christina: Easy if that's all you do with your day :-)

    Kate: Thanks for telling me about her. Can't wait to see a recipe...

  7. NO I think he looks like he is taking the piss and knows it. xx

  8. So right. I don't know how I missed it!