Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autumn Bugs

First my computer decided to fuck up again - most everything appears to have been restored by a disruptive (though appreciated) back up process. Of course, that doesn't include the photos that were to comprise the bulk of my posts this week.

And, as of this evening, my moderated comments are "experiencing an error" about which "Blogger is aware" and is no doubt "working actively to resolve". I've disabled comment moderation while this gets sorted, but pls. note that a few comments are hanging in the vortex. I can see they're there but I can't access them. No doubt, this will be fixed. But in the odd event you don't eventually - which is to say within the scope of my absurd reply policy - receive a response, that's the reason.

On another note, I'm absolutely pissed off by all this. Thirty years ago I would have been floored by the technical functionality I now take completely for granted but, I can't help it, as a child of the modern age, I'm massively aggravated.

Rant over and out.

Except one PS: Before I write again I will have to come up with some new interesting stuff to say - off-the-cuff-style - while also attending curriculum night and getting the kid to a track meet and going through half a day of meetings tomorrow while still making a bunch of deadlines that are fast approaching their best before date. And I have a headache. So if you don't see me for a few days - and you might well, knowing my penchant for life-procrastination, that's the reason.


  1. K, I'm sorry you're experiencing technical difficulties. I hope things get better soon!

  2. SUPER AGGRAVATING! bah. i hate this sort of thing. MADDENING!

    but on a cheerier note, i hope you feel better soon, and that things go well with all of your projects and plans. you are a busy lady!

  3. I'm on a 30-minute hold (so far) with Intuit trying to get my Quickbooks up and working again. So depressing.

  4. Such fun. I love feeling utterly helpless and at the mercy of technology!

  5. Glad you got that out!!!! I feels so GOOD to rant, allows others, friends, readers to say "been there before" and that somehow turns my frown upside down... oh gosh that was really corny...

  6. I'm sorry, that all sucks.

    I'm thinking of you a lot these days...


  7. one evening when my printer crashed and I had to re-install it using an online program as I couldnt find the disk - I sent out a mercy call to my Mother in law to come around and help entertain Boo while he waited for his credits to print.

    While I was hopping and whineing about how long the thing was taking to upload she said; "you know it used to take a lot longer for people to send things, like several weeks by post"

    I try and think of that when technology lets us down.

    But mostly I just think

    "Christ we put people on the fucking moon you think they could get a comment to upload on the first fucking try"


    *empathetic hand squeeze*

  8. Technology is fantastic except when it doesn't work and then it makes me crazy. Hope you head and your moderated comments are better already.

  9. Thank you everyone, for your continual commiseration! I wish none of us had to deal with this.

    Wendy: Hope Quickbooks are quick again.

    Allison: I'm thinking of you too.

    Hammie: It's like you crawled into my brain with that comment. I mean, man. on. the. moon.