Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thing I Love

This cheese, like butter on steroids, is the best thing ever. Miraculously, I found one little pot (tucked away) at the Metro (grocery store). On Thanksgiving weekend! I'd never seen it there before, but you can bet I'll be looking for it diligently from now on.

In case you haven't tried it, St. Andre is a gorgeous, soft-ripened cheese to which cream is added as it made. It has a soft, odorless "bloom" (or fluffy mold on the top) and the sides and base have a regular, though thin, brie-like rind. It spreads beautifully on crackers or toast, and goes really well with cured meats.

Just don't drink white wine when you eat it. The intensity of the cream content (75%!) can lead it to taste sour.

I remember, in the '70s, my mother would serve this at dinner parties - very Ice Storm. Our friend's Steen and Nicole recently reintroduced me to it and I'm so sold. Yum.


  1. oooh this looks really really decadent. it would be perfect for a fall/winter cocktail party! maybe i can find it in the specialty foods stores near me...

  2. See, THIS is what I wanted last night when I called Mike at the grocery store and demanded brie. He brought home some weird low-fat hybrid cheese and I almost cried.

  3. This isn't fair K!!! Now I want some of that cheese....
    I'm a cheese lover, sucker, whatever with cheese, and that just sounds breath taking!!!


  4. That sounds like cheese heaven.

  5. This is my most favourite cheese in the world! I like to buy itcut off the wheel in big slabs - perfect for a cheese plate :)

  6. Love this cheese. They sell it at Loblaws!

  7. Sophie: You are in NY, right? You will def find it.

    Sal: Sometimes husbands are very strange creatures :-)

    Wendy: The best.

    Seeker: I'm sorry. You have to read this blog at your own risk :-)

    E: So good. And it's practically health food :-)

    RML: I love to find another St. Andre pusher :-) I tend to eat the entire slab before my friends arrive...

    Suzy: I don't get to Loblaws as often as I'd like but I always note that they have the best cheese selection there. Thanks...

  8. N: Just ate some tonight and it is more buttery than butter!