Tuesday, October 13, 2009

These Boots are Actually Made for Walking

...And they're surprisingly hot! (And warm, and waterproof, and made in Canada...)

La Canadienne Dorina Boot

I know I've talked about this brand before - and it's gorgeous flagship store in Montreal - but I can't say enough about how much I love the brand.

I've owned two other pairs of (more rugged) La C boots that I literally ran into the ground. But it took 2 years before the waterproofing started to wear off and the weather took its toll. Not to mention my miles-a-day of walking.

Buying winter boots is a serious challenge for me a) because I live in Canada and it's freakin' cold here, b) because I walk a long distance every day, c) because I want something multi-purpose (for dresses or jeans), d) I have the skinniest calves I've ever seen on a real person and e) because I demand comfort. Fortunately, I'm not high enough to think I can do all that on a budget. And very fortunately, this brand inspires me to spend my hard-earned bucks.

I had a very amusing shopping experience this week when I purchased them at Brown's. I was staring approximately 500 styles of boots in the face, trying to figure out which ones wouldn't be completely useless or entirely ugly, when I came upon the Dorina's (pictured above). I asked to try them, and when the SA brought them out from the back, they were in their branded, La C box. (This is the point when suspected, if they fit and looked good, I was going to buy them.)

I tried them, they fit like a glove (well, with my mega-skinny calves they could be slightly more fitted but they'll be perfect with tucked-in skinny jeans and quite fine with tights) and they were comfy with a chic heel.

Note: La C's do fit slimly in the calf in some styles. Not slimly enough for me, but on some the calf is a challenge because it's too tight. And before someone suggests that skinny calves are a good thing, they are perfectly lovely to be sure (as are all working legs), but even more difficult than thick calves to fit into a winter boot. Cue gratitude that they were in stock, in my size and I liked 'em lots.

In the end I got the black (couldn't find a reasonably sized photo of those). They are more boring, to be sure, but more practical. And a girl's gotta be sort of practical when she's spending $300.00 on footwear. Apparently, the price has come down since last year, 30 bucks on this particular boot, likely because of current economic realities, so support Canada (no matter where you're from) because these boots are the real deal.


  1. They do look great and you are so right about the practical element but at least they are stylish too!

  2. Those are pretty.

    I've got skinny calves too, but that's not an issue with the Frye Engineer boots I wear in winter. Since it's a rugged look.

  3. You demand comfort in a boot? You're a dreamer kid. A dreamer.

  4. You spent your money well. These are classic and really sharp! My friend has the opposite type of calf, and has fit problems, too. She always has to find boots with elastic gores or stretch leather, and the options are slim for her. Pardon the joke! I think with most boots, they can be taken in if you have slim calves, right?

  5. i recently discovered no. 6 waterproof leather clog boots...now my curiosity is piqued and i'm sorely tempted to head down to their boutique to try on their aviator shearling options! i've seen la canadienne billboards around nyc for quite some time now too. my wellies just don't seem to quite suffice now given that the no. 6 boots look SO much warmer and just as weatherproof...

  6. Hallelujah! K's perfect winter boots FOUND!

  7. Hmmmm....I could use a pair of attractive waterproof boots too!

  8. these boots look comfy and stylish.

  9. Have seen this brand advertised everywhere and must now try a pair of walking boots, as it is time for a new pair . . .

  10. Kate: It's sooo hard to find both in one boot.

    Raven: Usually I do a rugged boot. But sometimes you need a chic one too...

    Monkey: I dream big.

    E: Yes, they can be taken in but it costs about $70.00. After spending so much, I can scarcely put more into the item. Of course, maybe for 450 I could get boots that start off perfectly. Still, that's a bomb of money for shoes (for me).

    Sophie: Ah, the lure of waterproof AND warm :-)

    Sal: It's like an Xmas miracle.

    Wendy: Head on down to the boutique. I understand they're very available in NY.

    Savvy: They really are...

    Miss C: How can you not have tried these, expat extraordinaire!? Def try and let me know your thoughts...