Monday, December 5, 2011

Production Values

I had an absurdly productive weekend.

I really don't know how it happened. I mean, on Friday I was a puddle of goo after a fairly rigorous work day.

But there I was on Saturday, food shopping and putting up the tree (with M), wrapping all of my homemade gifts, making some homemade gifts and going to a party. Sunday came and I was experimenting with pasta recipes, sewing and (what a surprise) knitting again.

Note the revised strategy: I'm only knitting for me from here on in. At least for the foreseeable future. Oh, and I have no time frames associated with the completion of garments for me. After all, I'm going to be here when all is said and done.

At one point I got mad at Scott for eating a ripe pear on the basis that I was going to use it to make a crumble. That's when I realized I need to get a grip. I mean, I'm not exactly running a lifestyle empire.

At any rate, here's the quick win top I made (V8323):

Some thoughts:
  • I'm really glad I've used up the bulk of this fabric, cuz it's kind of nice but mainly icky. I don't know that it will stand the test of laundry. In which case it's a nice wearable muslin.
  • On that topic, oh man, my seam finishing is horrendous. Gotta work on that. (Let's blame it on the fabric.)
  • It's quite a clear and easy pattern (much as the name suggests). I made view A, though I added 3/4 sleeves, cut a straight 12 (used the "petite" shortening lines) and it fits pretty well.
  • Did I mention that serging princess seams is a crap shoot?
  • Nonetheless, I really like princess seams. I didn't like their line till I started sewing.
  • Not sure about the funnel neck. I may alter it the next time.
  • Also, I'll need to do some work on the sleeves. I used the ones meant for view B and they were too wide.
My final thought on the matter is SO liberating: Sewing doesn't have to be a total mathematical experience. (This premise helps when what you're sewing is a knit.) I cut an inch off the seam of the sleeves after basting them into the armscye. Yes, I know it would have been better to ease the sleeve cap in - I only just considered that this is probably what the pattern advised me to do - but things worked just the same. Is this my best work ever? Clearly not. Is it the best pattern ever? Not so much. But does this thing have some potential? I think it does.



  1. It looks very expensive! I love it. I might have to snap that pattern up myself, cause I like the scoopneck version too.

  2. I think it works, it looks good in pictures. No one needs to see your seam finishes to know differently.

  3. Laura: I noted that the photos improve the texture of the fabric somewhat :-)

    Sera: And that's what I'm telling myself!

    Faye: Thank you!

  4. I agree - this does look expensive. The photos can't make the fabric look *that* much better, can they?

    Is the top a little short? It doesn't look all that long from the pics. Would it benefit from a few more inches in length? To me, the longer = the better.

  5. Actually, it hits my hip bones, just perfect for my proportion, IMO. I usually get things too long or too short. I thought it was strange that this one worked out so well. BTW, I did the "petite" version i.e. the version shortened an inch at the waist. I don't want it to be a tunic. More like a fitted tee. But you could easily shorten or lengthen this.

  6. You completed another beautiful project. Now that bit about you yelling at your hub for eating a ripe pear had me rolling on the ground.

  7. Your finished version looks so much better than the picture on the pattern envelope.

    I never, ever ease sleeve caps when using knits. For some reason, Vogue (and other big pattern companies) always include ease in their patterns for knits but I think that's just wrong.

  8. Really, who cares about the seam finish except you? No one will see it and you have a beautiful top! I think you were probably better off slicing off the excess. In my opinion Vogue tends to put too much ease in their sleeve caps and the results look less than professional.

    The pear incident made me smile. I've been there.

  9. I really like the looks of that top. Go, you!

  10. The top is beautiful. I think serving is dicey whenever a curve is involved. In my experience.

    That's interesting what Mardel said about Vogue putting excess ease in the sleeve caps.

    Glad to hear you'll be knitting for you from now on.

  11. I think this looks very nice! As long as the seams are not unraveling (too much), who cares about the seam finishes? It is so liberating sometimes to just make something instead of going for all the couture techniques and alterations and what not. There is a place and time for every level of fussiness, including the zero level!

  12. Aja: It was a bizarre moment :-)

    Mardel: You're so right - this isn't my opus. And I wore it today and everyone was really impressed by it. When I lifted up the front to show the crap seams (I have a disclosing sickness!), my workmate told me to stop. Ignorance is bliss, said she. :-)

    Robin: Thanks! I think it would look nice on you.

    Susan: You're right. Those curves might as well be called curve balls :-) And I agree that the excess ease in Vogue patterns is interesting - and I"m sure useful - info going forward.

    Guass: Happily, they're not unravelling! I like your attitude :-)

  13. Gorgeous! It looks dull on the envelope. You have a great eye, woman.

  14. Thank god someone else ends up with excess sleeve cap each side in a knit. I just cut it off when sewing up the sleeves and hope for the best, wondering how this could have happened again.

    Love the top too and the fabric looks fine, not even a little icky. I too will have to 'rush' out and buy this one or at least when I have finished my wine etc.

  15. I see a few other commenters have already said what I first thought on opening the post -- this top really does look expensive. Such a gorgeous camel/caramel colour, and that sleek wrap. Very classy.

  16. It's a lovely way to go through the learning process. To the untrained eye, it looks ideal! To you, it's perhaps a step on the way to perfection.

    You are really good at all this, K. You need your own tv show and magazine. And media empire.

  17. Very chic! I like the clean lines and always love a wrap-style bodice.

  18. Emiy: I'm definitely going to cut a half inch off either side next time - make it a little bit more official than chopping things in the middle :-)

    F: I was first drawn to the camel colour - and I guess it doesn't look as bad as I thought. I mean, when first I bought it, I thought it was nice fabric. Don't know when I changed my mind.

    E: My friends have been telling me for years I need a talk show :-) Thank you xo

    Miss C: The wrap style (esp. the kind that doesn't unwrap) is a keeper! Hope you and your son are feeling better...

  19. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. This is sooo my kind of jacket.

  20. I can't believe I missed this post. That top is FABULOUS!!!! Girl, you out did yourself on that one!

  21. Stacy: That's high praise from you! Thank you!xo

    V: Merci beaucoup! It totally has that wrap vibe you love :-) You have to buy it and show us your version.