Monday, December 12, 2011

Variations on a Theme

This is my third version of Stefanie Japel's One-Skein Shrug. Remember: You can actually participate in an awesome workshop (like a knit along) for FREE at (Note that the second version isn't up for viewing yet cuz it's a present for M. Alas, I think, by the time she opens it at Xmas, it will be on the outer edge of fitting. The child is practically my height now.)

I modified the pattern in one way - I made the sleeves longer. But, I learned something in the process which I will now share with you: The original cap sleeve (one which goes straight to ribbing for 8 rows) has a lovely proportion. However... if you add length without shaping the sleeves from the get-go, they are not snug. This would be fine if my upper arms were in need of some extra fabric but, as they are not, I feel the knit could be more fitted. I realized this 9 sleeve-lengthening rows into the process and, to ameliorate it, I started ribbing stat (and continued to do so for about 20 rows). Ribbing, people, it's not fun - esp. if you're a thrower...

Don't get me wrong - it's still a really nice shrug and I totally appreciate the cashmere content, not to mention the very practical black colour. See my Ravelry post on this for more deets...

The way it's constructed (all in one piece, top down, raglan-sleeved) means the alteration of the sleeve would be a bit challenging - not impossible, but might look odd if one were not careful. Mind you, I'm up to that challenge next time...


  1. It's hard to imagine it being even more perfect but I know if it's possible you will make it happen.

  2. Cute! Maybe I should dig out my pattern for this . . .

  3. It's so cute! If it needs a home, because the sleeves don't fit, I *might* know where it could live . . . .

  4. Susan: This thing is incredibly useful. I've worn it twice already - though, in truth, I don't find the fit as good as that of the blue version.

    F: You have to. I'm going to keep making this thing with every end of yarn I find.

    E: OK, I'm keeping you in mind. But I really think it would be way to big on you.

  5. I'm so jealous! Although I know you want to make some changes (you're the professional (smile) but from where I sit this shrug looks perfect! You've been doing exceptional with your knitting:)

  6. V: Why thank you. I've noticed, while wearing this, that it fits more loosely than the first one but I think it's because the fibre content is slightly different.