Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Sewing: Ginger Skirt

Off to start another day of crafting soon (c'mon it's practically half over already), but I'll share with you a delightful finished project, the Ginger skirt, made yesterday:

Winter lighting and dark denim just don't mix... You have to trust me, it's adorable.

The inside is as lovely as the outside! I used mock flat-felled seams and they worked really well. Got to use my serger, to which I am very attached, but with a different finished effect. Isn't the contrast facing at the inner waistband lovely. It also helps to diminish bulk, which is an issue when sewing with denim.

I used some seam binding on top of the serged hem, just cuz. I wanted to do pretty-sewing techniques in support of the prettiest skirt in the land.

This is the most unapologetically, almost-teeth-hurtingly, pretty thing I have ever made. Hell, it's practically the prettiest design I've ever seen.

A few thoughts:
  • I love this skirt. I will, no doubt make all 3 versions. The drape of the A-line is lovely.
  • As always, Colette patterns are a joy to sew. Even if I hated the finished outcome, I would have enjoyed the process.
  • While a boob-reminiscent filigree waistband is probably not the best thing to put adjacent to my not-insubstantial chest, whatevs. I'll wear a slim top, tucked in. You can't go with boring-old "suits your figure" all the time.
  • The seam binding at the hem gives a bit of body to complement that of the denim's drape. Really like the heightened A-line effect.
  • This denim is not particularly soft. It's got a lot of innate structure.
  • The great thing about making a simple pattern is that it gives you mental space to do pretty finishing. I don't consider this often enough.
  • I made the size 8 with 1/2 inch seam allowances on side seams. It's not an overly long skirt. I wanted mine to be approx. knee-length and I didn't have to shorten it at all. Also, only turned up the hem by 1/2 inch. If you're tall, you'll want to add length.
  • The only bad thing I can say about this - and take note here! - is that one should NOT use invisible zips with denim. How many times do I have to do this before I finally learn?? I have concerns about the longevity of the zipper given the bulk of the fabric. Shhhh. Let's be really careful with it and hope for the best.
  • I must be a slow-sewist because it took me a good 5 hours to put this together - probably more. Who are all of these ladies who manage to make gorgeous "simple skirts" in 2 hours??
  • I stitched in the ditch around the waistband. Don't know why I haven't done that before. It gets rid of the riding up facing issue beautifully. Just make sure your facing is a smidge longer than the waistband itself.
What do you think?? If you've made this skirt, share your experience. If you haven't, is it in your pattern stash?

PS: The never-ending computer-generated croquis project continues apace. I'm making headway but, egad, what a labour-intensive activity. I've probably put 10 hrs into it so far... Stay tuned for more on this as I have more to say.


  1. Ooooh, Ginger! Yummy! Will you show us a picture of you wearing it? I love the contrasting facing - I'm always too lazy to cut facings in a different fabric.

    I made four of these, and they all took me about 4 - 5 hours, so you're not alone. This is the only version I haven't done though!

  2. you are so admirably productive! & you're selling me on the Colette patterns. off to take a look...

  3. I too love this skirt pattern! It's divine and I totally hate that I actually didn't think of it first, its just so simple. The waistband variations are lovely and I adore the simple a-line. And I think it takes me longer to whip one of these out than 5 hours and I've made it 4 times. I just have no idea how people sew fast, but I am convinced they leave things out like lovely finished seams, and beautiful facings. This is delightful!

    xoxo, Sunni

  4. Your Ginger skirt indeed looks cute. Lovely version!

  5. Thanks Faye!

    Gail: That assumes I will someday take a shower and put on something other than "loungewear" :-) You'll love version 3 - give it a try!

    Ambika: You have to get one and I recommend this one because it's the simplest of them all, but still very exciting.

    Sunni: It is SO simple - but, of all the A lines I've sewn (admittedly, it's not that many), this one has the nicest fall. I'm so glad to hear that a mega-sewist such as yourself still takes a "long time" to complete a skirt. I think you're right about how those finishings add on the time. As does set up and clean up, and cutting and marking - oh man, it's just all time consuming!

    Katy: Thank you!

  6. This is sooo cute! And I suspect it will get tons of wear. I love the extra details, the beauty on the inside, just for you!

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  8. F: Isn't it! I only hope the zipper cooperates. When you start sewing again, I totally recommend this project.

  9. I love it when you show the inside :).

  10. Susan: Notice how infrequently I do it! :-)

  11. This one is my dream skirt. I can never seem to find the right denim skirt—the cut is wrong, the color off, or the drape non-existent. It's perfect. Enjoy it!

  12. Thanks E: I wish everyone could own a perfectly fitting version of this skirt!