Thursday, December 1, 2011

Challenge / Goal

Compelling personal projects notwithstanding, I'm officially on knitting hiatus. Not cuz I'm sick of it (strangely), but because my hands/wrists/arms/shoulders/neck need a rest. It's ok. I've largely finished the holiday gifts on my list. And baking awaits, donchaknow.

Having said this, the urge to sew gets a little stronger every day. How I miss the solitude of my sewga room, the hum of my machines.

Now's a good time to remind us all that I don't need anything. My desire to sew something is based entirely on my enjoyment of the craft and pretty new things. My intention is to make the next garment construction a stash-busting exercise, but I'm finding my fabrics on hand to be somewhat at odds with the patterns I'd like to sew (they being quick wins as we like to say in my industry). Hmmm...

The fabrics that call to me - either because of yardage or loveliness (or both) - are:
  • This amazing Versace that Mardel gave me. Everytime I look at it, I like it more.
  • The remainder of this orange 4-way stretch jersey.
  • A bizarre, on balance, crappy beige 4-way stretch fabric that has a strange, vaguely fleece-like quality (only the "good side" is the fluffy side and the nap is more rich-seeming than that of a sweatshirt). This is one of the first fabrics I ever bought, and I still haven't figured out what to make with it.
  • The top (slate) fabric, with beautiful drape, pictured here.
The patterns that appeal to me - either because they're "simple" or practical - are:
So, I put it out there for feedback. Do you have any suggestions?

For what it's worth, I have realized a few things over the past couple of days of sewing reconsideration:
  • I really like sewing and wearing Colette and Sewaholic patterns. Too bad I can't make another Sencha or Pendrell. Alas, I have a glut of them - though I do wear them all the time.
  • I'm so glad the Colette gift set is still available today. I bought the book (with 2 free patterns), recognizing that I need a) a new, staple skirt (the Ginger) and b) a good slip pattern (the Cinnamon). See, I really feel like making a slip this weekend, but I don't have a pattern on hand.
  • I'm much happier with my cache of knitting patterns than sewing patterns. I really have to find "the angle" when it comes to most of my sewing patterns. I wonder why that is...


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric from Mardel.

    I like V8323 and V8413. The cowl neck of V8413 reminds me of the V9771 top. I'm really happy with V9771.

    I'm glad to hear you're resting your body, it's important.

    I'm off to spend the weekend in the wine country, at the Bishop's Ranch in Healdsburg, with 10 of my church girlfriends but I'll check in again early next week.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I made v8323 several years ago and loved it. It's a little too large now because I lost a little weight. When I make it again I will definitely raise the neckline because it's a little low for my taste. I've used v8413 twice; first for view D, loved it but I made it a tad too big. Recently I made view B- love it more, but if I make it again I will alleviate the front tucks all together for a slimmer look.

  3. I'm late to this party, so I'll move on to the next post.

  4. Susan: Hope you had a great time!

    Faye: I really like 8323. You have to make it again!

    E: Oh, there's always a next one...