Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I really want to sew something. Something easy, that can be made in a weekend, that will look great.

Lord knows, I have enough patterns, enough fabric. I just need to find the time which, given the push to finish knitting, isn't there right now.

What would you sew (or are actually sewing??), if you could make anything, right now? Tell me! Maybe I'll want to sew it too. Maybe I'll try to find some way to fit in that project before Xmas.

I never thought I'd look forward to cutting fabric, but there you go.


  1. I've been on such a retro dress fling and I can't seem to tear myself away from them. I did finish one skirt over the holiday and started another which I should finish tonight. Got another aline dress conjured in my mind and a full length coat to refashion to knee length. What I REALLY need to sew are tunic length shirts or tops to wear with the leggings that I LIVE in all winter long.

  2. I want to sew a winter coat. With thick, heavy 100% wool. I want to luxuriate in the time it takes, the muslins, the fittings, the hand-tailoring. Mmm.

    Or, failing that, whip up about five sweater-type toppers.

    Hey, a girl can dream, right?

  3. I have started to make another skirt with New Look 6343 View D, but this time I will make it five inches longer and in a better fabric (ponte roma instead of Jet jersey). This is a skirt with an elastic waist, which I find to be the quickest projects.

  4. I want the scallop skirt from Sarai's new book (colette patterns)

  5. You could make a knit shirt. Those are always a hit. Ooooh! Or some panties! You can sew those up in like 30 minutes a pair, and feel like you've really accomplished something--add a cute matching cami and you have loungewear. Preferably of the sort that doesn't stay on long enough for you to get cold.... ;-)

  6. You women have some great ideas!

    Faye: I'm thinking of making another dress - I think it's V8364 - with the cowl front. I did a wearable muslin last year and that dress fits me great - and it was fun to sew.

    T: The sweater type topper, I can get with. You're on your own with the coat!

    Mary: I'm going to go check out that pattern...

    Marina: So do I! I almost bought the book during that terrific Black Friday sale deal. Stopped myself because I really have to get a grip. But I'm sure I'm going to get the book sooner rather than later :-)

    CGC: You always have such smart ideas! Both of those would work great and I have all of the materials required and patterns on hand.

  7. I will take pictures as I go along. Check out my review of NL6343 here: http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/readreview.pl?readreview=1&reviewnum=23363

  8. I feel the same way as you. This gift making is great, but I'm craving a bit of selfish sewing before the holidays. How about a tried and tested pattern in a fabulous fabric? As for me, I think I'll give the Continental Blouse (from Sew Lisette) a go.

  9. I had the exact same feeling the other weekend, ended up with two Sorbettos. I'd like to make a third but I don't see anything in my stash that won't be exactly like the other two or it's just not right for the pattern.

    I second panties. I know I have some lace sitting on my table for panties, I don't think it's going to be put away.

  10. I did bought the book last Friday! Plus 2 patterns I really wanted. But back to the question, right now I'm sewing winter dresses: one-stop garments that dress me up quickly in the dark and cold mornings. For some reason they're all in the purple-red-coral range, colour therapy for free!

  11. I want to do anything that is not packing. Sorry I have no ideas, although you have gathered some good ones here. I shall just have to sew vicariously through reading about your adventures.

  12. This knitdress:
    (h/t fehrtrade)

    in a nice cotton jersey. It will be perfect as a tunic for my vacation to India, and come summer I can wear it as a dress

  13. These are all great ideas. I recently completed V9771, modeled it in my latest post, and wonder if you might like this top for yourself? It's not difficult to sew, and being cut on the bias, it drapes beautifully.

  14. Andrea: How's the top going?

    Sera: Those sorbettos are all the rage!

    Irene: You convinced me. I bought it. I got the Ginger and the Cinnamon. How about you?

    Mardel: Fair enough!

    Roses: Love it!

    Susan: Terrific top.

  15. I hope you found something. As I move on up to more and more recent posts, I hope to find whatever you chose to sew.