Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Autumn Tableau

I was totally transported by this photograph:

Photo courtesy of Desire to Inspire

What is it about sunlight through a denuded forest? Or that table? Or the adorable cake tray and lid? Don't you want to have a snack and a glass of wine looking at that scenery?

Check out the rest of the post. I don't actually love the majority of the interior design (I find it cold), but what a gorgeous home.


  1. I love how the plates are arranged to form a bowl as well! It's the light (and the view)that makes this so wonderful to imagine sitting there yourself.

  2. That light is so evocative. Beautiful.

  3. I want to live in that room for the rest of my life.

  4. Yes. Looking out at sunlight through a denuded forest in late Fall makes me grateful to be inside, warm and cozy.

  5. Noooooo, give me a pool. I hate fall/winter :-)

  6. K - the piece de resistance is the Flos Sky Garden light, a work of art in its own right.

  7. Laura: I didn't notice that!

    Pseu: I know...

    E: We can share it.

    Susan: Cozy is the watchword of the season...

    Wendy: You know there's a pool in your future. Or in mine. I mean, in this blog.

    CMD: I do love that fixture!