Wednesday, November 16, 2011

High on Drugs

Honestly, at this point, I have a habit. If I were to photograph the array of knitting goods receipts I've racked up in the last month, you would be horrified. I spend so much time at the freakin' yarn stores, it's a miracle I have time to knit. And, btw, I desperately need to knit. Like, every second of the day.

But never mind the 8 zillion gifts I'm going to make (4 zillion of them are done!), there are so many things I want to knit for me. I just found a shawl pattern that wasn't online for purchase anywhere (I saw a photo of it on Ravelry). I ended up sourcing it at an LYS in Michigan. They're mailing it.

And don't think I've forgotten about sewing. I totally want to sew - but there's just no time right now! Furthermore, I absolutely don't need anything new - nada on the shirts, pants, dresses and skirts. How can I justify making another garment. Where will I put it?

What can I say? These are the problems to have.

A couple of other things...

I've decided to buy all of my wrapping supplies online this year - from a small business in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I'm sick and tired of shopping for them (I do recycle a lot of wrapping, but not that for gifts I give to friends). I found a place and I'm about to put in an order. Can't wait to see how this works. It means I'm going to have some super wraps for my baked goods.

I really am trying to make as many items as I can this year. I'm sick of inconsiderate consumption. I would love to receive any of the things I intend to give. So that's this year's plan.

And, a propos of that, here's a couple of shots of my latest gifts:

See my Ravelry projects page for more info about the good, bad and the ugly...

So tell me: How are you going to give this season? Is it homemade all the way? Business as usual? Total austerity? Do tell.


  1. I crown you the queen of knitting.

    I would like to be several of your relatives and friends :).

    Traditionally, my family doesn't exchange gifts, although in recent years there have been some book presents. Baked goods are always welcome. I got my kids into skipping the gift thing years ago and they still like the "no pressure" effect it has on the holidays. We focus on music, the tree, food and talking. When my daughter was young, I would let her order clothes from catalogs, then when the things arrived she would wrap them and put them under the tree. She LOVED this ritual. Christmas day she opened her presents with as much enthusiasm as if she didn't know what they were, and used to complain if someone gave her a gift the old fashioned way, something she didn't like. How did they know what she wanted?

  2. Monkey: Between your garden and cooking, and my crafts - we've got quite a cottage industry going :-0

    Susan: I LOVE that story. She is so my kind of person. I hate surprises. I just love what I want.

  3. I often do a mix of purchasing and making gifts. I really only have my inlaws, 2 brothers and their wives to worry about, my husband takes care of his family. Both of my brothers have space issues for storage, so gifts either have to be practical and something they specifically asked for, or consumable. For example, last year one brother said he needed decent oven mitts, I know they usually go to Stratford, so I bought the best quality oven mitts I could find and a gift certificate for the theatre. And I made him a hat and maybe a lingerie bag for my SIL who travels a lot.

  4. Excellent Post as usual! And, I'm with you on sewing - my mojo has disappeared too - I'm not sure it's because I'm too busy or that I need to seriously edit my closet. Great idea for the gifts - you've inspired me!

  5. What a wonderful "giver" you are! Those fingerless gloves are totally divine. I think your lucky recipients are fortunate indeed to have you in their lives. "Making only things you wish to receive"; such a generous and thoughtful idea!

  6. Yay for another convert to the knitting addiction! Love the way your scarf turned out… still chugging along with mine. I always try and make most of my gifts and this year is no exception. In addition to a couple of leather clutches and fabric wristlets which are almost done, I’m also making the aforementioned scarf, a touque, some sewn toiletries travel bags for the boys in my life and a couple of photo books using “blurb”. I’m curious about the Niagara-On-The-Lake wrapping business. Will you share the deets?

  7. Ooooh, my problems are jealous of your problems. I've got a ton of sewing projects that I clearly need to do to fill holes in my wardrobe, and no time. *Sigh*

    A few years ago my family decided to cut down on our consumption and shopping stress. So, we do a sort of secret santa lottery which is totally fun. Kids are not included - we spoil them rotten at the holidays. But I also do a lot of baking and candy making for everyone too. And it always seems to be truly appreciated.

  8. This is of course making me laugh because I distinctly recall talking you into knitting. Now I wonder if I'm going to have to run an intervention at some point. Enjoy.

  9. There are worse things to be addicted to. Incidentally, are you allowed to knit on planes ? Or are knitting needles still considered WMD?

  10. Such lovely things, how do I get on your gift list this year, ha ha!?!?!?

    We are doing an Etsy Xmas this year, one gift each only.

  11. I've seriously dialled down the gift-giving, incrementally, over the years, and I'm glad. Last year we brought back a full Christmas tree, having done twinkling lights on a large driftwood branch for quite a few years -- that was for 2-year old granddaughter's benefit, and well worth it. We try to keep it simple and make the main goal be having as many of our 4 kids and partners together as possible without making anyone feel pressured.
    And I tend to grant wishes declared ahead of time (or give cash) rather than try to intuit any more, although I like to think of myself as a good gift-giver. Again, that's an ages-and-stages thing and I might start moving in another direction again as my adult kids' needs/wants shift. . . .

    As for the knitting, your title suggests your recognition of the possibility you have a slightly addictive personality (takes one to know one . . . I admit)

  12. Hey all: Wrote delightful replies to you yesterday and Blogger ate my comment?! So irritating. Anyway...

    Sera: It seems like you've got a great system going...

    Pammie: It's not so much the mojo as the need. Though I will go through my early handmade items soon and cull.

    Carolyn: You make me sound so good! :-)

    Andrea: Try to keep going further than 36"! So tough.

    Clio: Hilarious first sentence!

    Myrna: An intervention is likely warranted :-)

    Lisa: Before I went to Europe I checked and there was no definitive answer, so I left my pricey needles and yarn behind. Other knitters swear it's no problem.

    E: I LOVE Etsy - my only non-homemade gifts will be from there.

    F: I love the wishes granted ahead of time. I have a post coming up about my dislike of surprises. My personality is regrettably addictive. Happily I have no interest in gambling.