Saturday, December 3, 2011

Eclectic Perfection

Photo courtesy of Not Dressed as Lamb

This outfit blows my mind.


  1. This is so stunning! Would anyone else have thought of using those two wild prints together - and get away with it!!??

  2. I agree, I so admire people who can pull off great degrees of confidence.

  3. Blows your mind... in a good way or in a bad way? It kind of gives me a headache!

  4. marysews: I know!!

    Faye: If you read this blog, you'll see the author is equally confident in numerous styles of outfit.

    Gauss: Ha! I did mean in a good way. I love it. But it's bold in a way that may not work for everyone :-)

  5. Hi K,

    Thanks so much for featuring my outfit - I'm SO flattered that you liked it! Such lovely comments from everyone!! I wasn't sure myself at the time that the patterns worked together, I'd just bought the blouse (vintage) and was desperate to wear it with anything - the skirt was the lucky receipient ;)

    I will say that the "confidence" that Faye mentioned has come to me only from doing my blog: I'm still not a confident person generally but I strive to wear/find clothes that make me happy. And blogs do the same: finding your post has made my day!!! Thanks so much, I hope you'll come back again!

    Catherine x

  6. Catherine: Thank you for your comment! I say, if confidence starts with your outfits, you are well on your way to taking over the world :-) I've got you bookmarked to see the next great look.

    E: I know! You gotta check out her site.