Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do You Know About This?

The Ruby Slip Sew Along is the newest fun, community sewing project but, to start it on Monday will likely be a bit challenging. I mean, I am doing 8 zillion other things, like, constantly these days.

The great news is that you, and I, will be able to join whenever it suits us, so just have a look and get psyched.

From my perspective, I wonder if - and truly hope that - all of my (somewhat unsuccessful) bra patterning will assist me in getting the bust section to work for my unique shape. Sherry cut this for a B cup, which I am clearly not.

I also hope that I've got enough lingerie supplies stashed that I won't have to go out and source anything.

So, are you joining? I want to know!


  1. I totally want to give this a try, but it's not going to happen before Christmas. Despite the part of my brain that's yowling that every female relative NEEDS one. Next year.

  2. Ooh... I was thinking about joining, but when I read Sherry's blog post I missed the part about the B cup. I am most definitely not a B cup, so I'm not sure I have the time and skills to to a FBA on this... Too bad, it looks like a great pattern and can't wait to see what others do with it.

  3. I'll be joining this sew along. A good side project for my pattern drafting work and my winter wool dress. I think I have most supplies on my stash, which is always good.

  4. No, I didn't, but it's printing now. I don't think I'd start this Monday, but soon-ish.

  5. Nope! Not my thing, but I hope to hear all about it if/when YOU join.

  6. Taran: I just put the 8 zillion pieces of paper together. I've also confirmed I have the right fabric (I think so, but I'll work with what I've got). Thing that's going to take me time is how I can get the bodice "cups" to fit my boobs. Will I have to 3 piece it? Or will I gather at the base of the bust? Will either of those options work??

    Gauss: See my comment above. If I can figure out how it works, I may post a "tutorial" (though that's really not my thing). Thing about FBAs is that they are so specific! But if I find a system, I'll surely share.

    Suzy: I thought I saw a comment from you on Sherry's blog...

    Sera: Yay!

    E: Oh, you know you will, Honey.

  7. Oh good, I look forward to see how this comes together for you, especially with the FBA, not because I'll ever need one but because it's just interesting to see how you figure it out.

  8. Susan: I really hope it's all going to come together nicely!